Whether you have an apple, pear, hourglass or banana body shape, you can find the right type of shorts that will look flattering. Find out what works best for petite and tall women, and what choice you should make based on how long your torso is.

Even once you’ve figured out what the best shorts for your body type look like, remember that tailoring is very important. Unless you’re only wearing casual shorts, you should consider getting them altered to fit to your shape perfectly.

Shorts for an Apple Shaped Body

Medium shorts are the most flattering choice for all body types, and the apple is no exception. Going too tight would be a mistake, even when you’re thinking about denim shorts. Instead, opt for a slouchy style without too much detailing. Denim shorts with a frayed hemline are a great choice, whether you decide to wear your top tucked in or over your shorts.

Shorts for a Pear Shaped Body

When you have wide hips, the best shorts for your body type should also be body-skimming, but not too tight. You’ll benefit from a straight line from the widest part of your hips. If you opt for tapered shorts or a pair with pockets that end on the side seams, you’ll only make your hips look wider. Dark colors are good, and so are vertical stripes. You should also try on shorts that zip up on the side.

Shorts for an Hourglass Figure

Emphasizing the smallest part of your waist is the right thing to do when you have an hourglass shape, and that means high-rise shorts. Contoured waistbands are also a good idea, and you should consider wearing tops that can be easily tucked in. Avoid straight cuts and go for a more tapered pair of shorts in order to get the most flattering look.

Shorts for a Banana Shaped Body

When you’re slim or athletic, the best shorts for your body type allow you to create curves. Avoid anything that’s too plain or too baggy. Instead, you’re free to try prints and any kind of detailing you can thing of. Pockets and pleats are a great way to create volume, but any details will add something to your look, particularly embroidery and other textured elements.

Neon Shortsphoto: Laureen Uy

Shorts for a Tummy

If you’re worried about your abdominal area, you can also opt for subtle pleats to draw attention away from your tummy. The best shorts for your shape never have a tight fit. Instead, you should opt for something a bit more loose, without crossing the line into baggy territory. A wide waistband is the detail that you shouldn’t miss.

Shorts for Narrow Hips

When you have very narrow hips, the best shorts for your body type are similar to the ones for slim women, with a banana body shape. Prints and pleating or both at the same time can add the volume boost you need. Lateral pockets are also a great choice for narrow hips.

Shorts for Petite Ladies

Short shorts are a good choice if you’re petite, since they’ll help extend your legs. Avoid anything that goes under the knee, and remember to wear wedges, platforms or heels with shorts. A higher waist might work for you, depending on how long or short your torso is.

Printed Shortsphoto: Jessica R

Shorts for Tall Ladies

At the opposite side of the spectrum, tall women should steer clear of short shorts. The best shorts for your body type include medium length ones, and you can decide which style works best based on your hips. Avoid vertical stripes or prints and a vertical ombre effect.

Shorts for a Long Torso

Mid-thigh is where the hemline you should hit when you have a long torso. Whether you opt for denim shorts or lighter fabrics, focus on details towards the hemline, from a cuffed hem to embroidery in order to create a balanced look. Heels are optional, but they can definitely help you out.

Shorts for a Short Torso

Whether you’re petite or taller, but have to deal with a short torso, the best shorts for your body type are the most low-waisted ones you can find. Forget about high-waisted shorts or a wide waistband. They simply don’t work. Tuck in your top and wear your shorts at hip level for the most flattering effect, and you’ll be able to rock shorts in style this summer.