With the year almost over, we started digging and we found out which were the best personal style fashion blogs of 2013. Are you ready to find out our top?

Best Personal Style Blogs 2013

If you love fashion but don’t have lots of money to spend on designer accessories, then you ‘ll love Poor Little It Girl. This is a personal shopping style blog created by Cathy Anderson, where she tries to give us the best ideas of fashion items under $100. Amazing, right?

Or perhaps you might want to check out an Italian’s amazing blog, The Blonde Salad. On her blog, Chiara Ferragni describes herself as being a student, blogger and lover of life. She started the blog back in October 2009 and since then she became what we could call a personal style juggernaut.

The Blonde Salad Blog

2013 was also the year of another fashion style blogger: Christine, the founder of My Style Pill. She is a personal stylist and magazine editor in one of fashion’s capitals, New York. She has a unique classy style that you’ll love instantly. That’s probably why her blog received so many views during this year.

My Style Pill Blog

Do you want to see Romania through the eyes of a fashionista? Then you should check out Iulia’s blog, La Jolie Julie. This lovely girl is a journalism student that describes herself briefly as “in love with people, fashion and traveling”. All you have to do is to see life through her eyes and you’ll see which are her main sources of inspiration.

La Jolie Julie Blog

Are you perhaps in a Texan mood? Then you should try this personal style blog, Kendi everyday. From this Texas lady you can find out what pieces are on sale and when. Valuable tips, we might add!

Kendi Everyday Blog

Another great personal style blog of 2013 is Classy Girls Wear Pearls. The mind behind this stylish blog is Sarah Vickers, a New England girl in love with quality fashion, coastal living and her friends. If you check out her blog, you’ll also see a great resemblance between her and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Classy Girls Wear Pearls Blog

You will definitely have to check Angelica’s stylish blog, Angy’s Tea Room. This beautiful Russian lady is currently living in Italy and loves to share her passion for fashion. You’ll see a lot of lovely combinations, simple and chic outfits and great pictures. It’s worth checking it out!

Angy's Tea Room Blog

Another lovely source of inspiration is Daniela’s blog called Nany’s Klozet. Daniela Ramirez, the creator of the blog, was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. In 2006 she moved to Miami to continue her studies. The purpose of her blog? To show ladies that they can wear nice clothes without paying a fortune for them.

Nany's Klozet Blog

If you still haven’t made up your mind regarding what to wear, then maybe Jenny Ong will help you with her lovely and trendy outfits. Just type Neon Blush and prepare to be fascinated with her style choices.

Neon Blush Blog

Do you want to see how a web designer can combine her work with her love for fashion? That’s perfect! Just check out Melanie Pangilian’s fashion blog Aetherlily to get some inside scoop into this aesthetic perfectionist’s life.

Aetherlily Blog

We can also include Cecylia among the best personal style blogs of 2013. Cecylia, the blog’s creator, is a great fashion lover and a vegetarian. She owns a fashion boutique called “Cecylia” and has over 10 years of experience in the industry.

Cecylia Blog

We couldn’t have forgotten about Kristina Bazan’s blog, Kayture. This beautiful fashion blogger is based in Switzerland and is very passionate about love, travel and, of course, fashion. You will definitely enjoy how she manages to match designer accessories and regular clothes, or different types of fabrics. Just take a look but be warned, it’s very addictive!

Kayture Blog

In the end, we would recommend checking out Wendy’s Lookbook. You will see Wendy wearing a lot of beautiful and colorful items that will provide you with joy, love for life and inspiration.

Wendy's Lookbook Blog

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