If you’re more likely to wear skirts and dresses because you rarely find a flattering pair of pants, you might simply be looking for the wrong thing. Find out how to pick the perfect pair of pants for your silhouette.

With the help of a few simple tips, you’ll have a lot less trouble in finding the best pants for your body type. Whether you prefer jeans or dress pants, here’s how to get the best fit.

Pants for Petite Women

If you’re petite, you can easily wear skinny jeans and pants to look taller. Of course, the effect is even better if you pair them with skinny heels. Avoid cropped pants and go for brighter colors. Soft neutrals won’t do you any favors, and the tailoring should always be long. 

Best Pants For Petite Figurephoto: Ruby_1203

Cigarette pants are a great look, and boot cuts can also be flattering, as long as you’re wearing platforms or heels.

Pants for Tall Women

If you’re tall, the best pants for your body type feature straight legs. A little flaring is also fine, but your top also play a big part in how your overall look is balanced. Draw attention to your top with bright colors or prints. You can also rock skinny pants, but a little flare won’t hurt you either. The hem should be long, down to the bottom of your heel.

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Pants for Curvy Women

Flared pants are also a good idea to balance out curves in an hourglass figure. Wide-leg pants are a much better idea than skinny jeans. For jeans, make sure that you’re getting a cut that’s higher in the back. Contoured waistbands are a must for jeans, but they can also be a good idea for any pants. Palazzo pants can make you look taller, especially with a longer hem.

Cropped Pants Outfitphoto: Vanessa Basanta

Pants for Boy-Shaped Women

If your issue is the lack of curves, a nipped waist is a great idea. High-waisted pants can also be a good fit. For jeans, find a pair that’s a little baggy in the back. Boyfriend jeans are also among the best pants for your body type. For back pockets, avoid any flat ones, since slit pockets give you a more curvy appearance. A pleated waist or a drawstring waist can also be very flattering.

Pants for Pear-Shaped Women

While drop-crotch pants aren’t flattering for most women, you can make them work. Tapered pants are a good option for a dressy look, and straight pants also work. You should always avoid wide leg pants, since they’ll draw the eye towards your hips. Long tops, worn on their own or belted can complete your look.

Loose Leather Pants Outfitphoto: Pearls and Roses

Pants for Women With a Tummy

When you’re looking to keep your tummy unnoticed, the best pants for your body type feature a moderate rise and a wide waistband. A double button waistband is a good idea for both dressy pants and jeans, as long as it has a little stretch. Opt for straight leg pants or flared ones depending on the other details of your silhouette.

Pants for Women With Large Hips

When you’re dealing with fit issues because of large hips, you probably can’t find a good fit for your waist. The best looking pants for your body type have straight legs. Don’t go for boot cut jeans, instead focus on finding a pair of pants that  hangs perfectly straight from the hip. Back pockets, with or without embellishments can also detract from your hips.

Harem Pants For Body Typesphoto: Shooka R

Pants for Plus-Size Women

Wide legs and creases are the best fit if you’re plus size. Dress pants with vertical stripes are among the best pants for your body type. Flat-front pants are also good idea, but it’s about the wide legs, and avoiding flared pants that are tight around the waist and hips.

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Pants for Women With a Long Waist

A long torso can also be problematic, but the solution is a higher waist. Find a pair of pants with an elastic band and but avoid other stretchy fabrics. Skinny jeans with 2% stretch can start sagging pretty quickly for a less than flattering look.

Flare Pants For Body Typesphoto: Thuy Bee

Pants for Athletic Women

When you have muscular calves and hamstrings, skinny pants are not one of the best pants for your body type. Go for a looser fit. Harem pants can be particularly flattering, particularly when paired with boots. Pick a well tailored pair of pants that has extra room or opt for straight legs that aren’t too skinny.