Maternity clothes are often overpriced and their use is very limited. Instead of breaking the bank to build a whole new wardrobe for yourself during pregnancy, try a few hacks that can help you save money and get the most out of your closet.

With the help of the best maternity clothes hacks, you’ll be able to feel both stylish and comfortable, while also saving up for buying onesies for your baby. Find out how to make the right choices for your maternity wardrobe with these simple life hacks.

1. Make the Best Out of Your Closet

Before you go on a shopping spree for maternity clothing, dig deep into your wardrobe and find any clothes that might work for your changing body. Empire waist dresses, bigger pants, low-rise jeans, A-line tops and dresses, leggings, oversized blazers, and maxi dresses are all perfect way to keep your current style without spending too much on maternity clothes.

2. Accept That You Don’t Have to Wear “Maternity”

Avoid the price premium of maternity clothing by simply making the right choices. Use one of the best maternity clothes hacks and shop for flowy and loose tops that you can still wear, possibly with a belt, after your pregnancy. Before you start shopping in specialty stores, hit the regular ones, and look for transition clothes that’s bigger that your current size and really comfortable.

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3. Try Men’s Undershirts

If you’re looking for really cheap tops that work just as well as maternity clothing, men’s undershirts are a great buy. They cost so much less than tops you’ll find in maternity stores and can be just as comfortable. If you’re into DIY, you can also add an elastic at the bottom hem, to keep them from creeping up.

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4. Invest in Bra Extenders

Spending a few dollar on bra extenders instead of a lot more on bras is one of the best maternity clothes hacks. Your breasts will go through a lot of changes before and after the pregnancy, but the only time when you absolutely have to buy a new bra is when the cups are clearly too small. If it’s the band that’s getting too tight, all you need to go is to get a few bra extenders.

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5. Use Elastic Hair Bands on Your Pants

Getting a Bellaband might be a good purchase if you’d like to keep wearing jeans that can’t be buttoned up to the top anymore, but it’s not a necessity. Simply place an elastic hair band through the button hole and secure it around the button. If you’ve already got tunics and other longer tops, nobody will know the difference, and you’ll be just as comfortable.

6. Borrow Daddy’s Shirts

One of the best maternity clothes hacks doesn’t even involve your own wardrobe. Man’s shirts can be an excellent way to stay comfortable and stylish, so don’t be afraid to raid daddy’s closet. Roll up the sleeves and wear them either buttoned up or layered with a tank top.

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7. Take Scissors to Cheap Items

Staying comfortable is really important, especially in your third trimester, when even maternity clothes might get too tight. Don’t be afraid to cut cheaper items that you know you won’t wear for too long anyway. Make room for your arms, your belly and even for your legs. Small cuts in waistbands can help them get looser and more comfortable.

8. Knot Tights Tops

You might not be able to wear your best tops anymore, but one of the best maternity clothes hacks can help you out. Button up shirts and tees that don’t fit your baby bump anymore can be worn knotted right above your belly, over a maxi dress. That way, you’ll be able to keep your style fresh for longer.

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9. Turn a Scarf into a Cape

Capes are an excellent way for expecting mothers to look stylish, but you don’t have to invest in expensive items. Wear big scarves over your shoulders to get the effect, and turn your baby bump into a stylish part of your look.

10. Say “Yes” to Hats

Even with the help of the best maternity clothes hacks, you’ll probably still be less than satisfied with your looks. The easiest way to add a bit of flair is with hats. They’ll still fit you throughout your whole pregnancy, and whether you’re a fan of fedoras or baseball caps, you’ll get extra style points with their help.