When you’re looking for a trendy jacket, you should never ignore what works for you and what doesn’t. The right fit is very important, but so are proportions, which is why it’s very important to know how to choose the most flattering jackets for your shape.

Find out how to pick the best jackets for your body type, and enjoy the most flattering look while also rocking the latest trends. Whether you’re petite, plus size, have a lot of curves or hardly any, here’s how to find the right jacket to complete your style.

Jackets for Rectangular Shaped Women

When you’re pretty much lacking curves, a cinched or belted jacket is the right way to achieve flattering proportions. Peplum jackets are a great choice, but no matter what type of cut you choose, remember to have it well fitted. Large collars can also help create pleasant proportions.

Bulky jackets won’t do much for you, and you should generally avoid double-breasted ones. While the best jackets for your body type accentuate your waist, you can also get away with a lot of detailing at the collar and chest area, even ruffles.

Jackets for Hourglass Shaped Women

If you’re rocking the hourglass body shape, jackets that are cinched will also look great on you, whether they’re denim or leather. Sleek blazers are a great option, while shapeless and body jackets should be avoided. If none of your jackets are cinched, you can add your own wide belt, as long as the fit is right.

Big collars should be avoided, since they add extra volume to your bust, and you can even skip the collar altogether for a trendy look.

Jackets for Apple Shaped Women

When you’ve got an inverted triangle or an apple shape, the best jackets for your body type are well fitted at your shoulders and hips, but a little loose around your midsection. An off-center zipper can be a great detail that helps you achieve a flattering look.

Wrap Jacket Outfitphoto: Beatrice Gutu

Short jackets are less flattering, and double-breasted ones should also be avoided. Empire waist coats are also flattering when you’re looking for more than a simple jacket.

Jackets for Pear Shaped Women

When you’re pear shaped, it’s important to draw the eye upwards. That means strong shoulders and collar detailing is a much. Look for jackets with cute necklines and keep the length just above your hips. A-line jackets are a good fit, but avoid anything too bulky. Cropped jackets with shoulder detailing can also work great for your shape.

Well fitted jackets are a must, and a bit of flare is also flattering under your waistline. If short doesn’t work for you, knee-length coats are another great option.

Jackets for Petite Women

Fitted and cropped jackets work best for petite women. The best jackets for your body type also have high armholes and narrow sleeves. Baseball jackets are among the most flattering types. Keeping the right proportions is easier if you shop in the petite section.

Staying away from boxy and bulky jackets is a no-brainer when you’re petite, but you should also be wary of really long jackets or double-breasted ones.

Jackets for Busty Women

Even if you stick to the best jackets for your body type, you can still run into problems when you’re busty. The fit on the waist it really important, and you’ll get the most flattering look with single-breasted jackets.

Big collars or lapels are a bad idea, so make sure that you’re looking for the right fit that isn’t really tight. Slim-cut jackets will help you feel comfortable, while also looking your best.

Jackets for Plus Size Women

The off-center zipper can be flattering if you’re plus size as well. The best jackets for your body type have collar details, and are also usually fitted well at the shoulders and bust. Knee-length jackets with a single row of buttons are also a good idea, since they elongate your body. Sticking to darker colors is best if you want a slimming effect.

Jackets that are a bit more draped can also be flattering, as long as they’re fitted well at the top. You can also opt for jackets with a curved bottom, that end up emphasizing your waist in the right way.