Finding the right hat can be difficult, since your features play a big part in how you’ll pull it off. Before you try to find the perfect hat based on the latest trends, find out what really works for your features in the most flattering way.

Learn how to find the best hats for your face shape, and you’ll be able to complete your look the right way. Whether you have a long or small face, or you’re wondering what hat goes with bangs, take a look at our simple guide.

Oval Face

If you’re lucky enough to have an oval face, then you probably don’t need to worry that much about hat styles. Whether you prefer small hats or big ones, asymmetrical hats or angular ones, you’ll probably be all right. However, if you’re looking for the best hats for your face shape when you have an oval face with angular features or you’re sporting bangs, read on to find out which type of hat can help create the most flattering look and complete your style.

Medium Brim Style Tips

Long Face

When you’re looking for a hat that flatters your long and slender face, you need to pay extra attentions to the proportions of any hat you put on. The best advice is to create width, and that means two very important things. The most flattering hat will sit low on your forehead and it will not have a high crown. Another thing to look for is a medium to wide brim. Choose cloches, newsboy hats or fedoras as long as you keep these two things in mind, and go for an extra floppy and wide-brimmed hat during summer.

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Bowler Hat Style Tips

Round Face

Start looking for the best hats for your face shape by avoiding anything that features a rounded crown. A slanted or peaked brim is a good way to bring balance to your features. Make sure that the crown is never wider than your cheekbones. Go for height both when it comes to the crown and to the brim of the hat. Angular and asymmetrical styles will suit you best, including fedoras.

Square Face

The perfect hats for a square face soften your features. From the soft curves of a beret worn high on your forehead to floppy and curvy hats, you have plenty to choose from. For the most flattering effect, go for larger brims and rounded crowns, while choosing hats that sit higher on your forehead. Rolled brims are another great choice, whether you prefer a bowler or a floppier hat.

Baseball Cap Style Tips

Pear-Shaped Face

If your face is longer than is it wide, and you have a narrower forehead and a more prominent jawline, your face shape is either called a pear or a triangle. You’ll need a full crown and a wide brim to make your forehead look larger. Stay away from tapered and shallow crowns. The panama is one of the best hats for your face shape, but it’s important to look for one with a lighter band, not a dark colored one, which will make your head look narrower.

Floppy Brim Hat Style Tips

Heart-Shaped Face

Stay away from small brims and really wide ones too if you have a heart-shaped face. The cloche, with its medium down-turned brim, is a perfect choice, but you should always look for asymmetry in your hats. A bucket hat can also be flattering, and fascinators are a great choice, but make sure you look for soft curves and a little tilt in your hats to draw attention away from your chin.

Hats By Face Shape

Small Face

The best hats for your face shape always have the right proportions. Avoid large hats with big floppy brims. Instead, look for pillboxes, cloches and fedoras that are smaller. Anything with a large crown should also be avoided and if you’re going for a more casual look, a beanie will also be very flattering for a small face.

Porkpie Hat Style Tips

Angular Face

If your features include many sharp angles, the right choice when it comes to hats are those with curving or folding. Soft lines and asymmetrical shapes work best, so don’t be afraid to experiment with tilting any hat until you find the most flattering way of wearing it.

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Hats for Bangs

Once you’ve learned about best hats for your face shape, what about bangs? Berets are the perfect fit for a woman who doesn’t want to hide her bangs inside a big hat. Whether you go for a French beret, worn slightly pulled to one side or for a modern look, they won’t leave your bangs messy when you take them off.