While many tall women end up as models, some simply want to look shorter, without wearing flats all day every day. If you’d rather look shorter than your actual height, you need a few effective style tricks.

Discover the best fashion tips to look shorter, quick solutions that don’t require a full makeover, just a little attention to the proportions of your body and the kind of clothes that work for you. Whether you’d like to wear some heels or you’re satisfied with flats, here’s how to improve your style to look a bit shorter.

1. Say Goodbye to Vertical Stripes

Whether they’re thin or wide, vertical stripes will elongate your body, but they’re not the only type of print that makes you look ever taller. 

Pay attention to prints and patterns, because some can have an elongating effect with just a few vertical lines. Large prints can help make you look shorter, while really delicate small prints are best avoided.

Horizontal Stripes For Tall Women

2. Lose the Monochromatic Look

Wearing a single shade from top to bottom is definitely a bad idea. One of the best fashion tips to look shorter is to break the vertical line of your look with color blocking. If you’re not crazy about the look, then simply mix a solid color with the right print. For dresses, go for contrasting shoes and use a belt in a bold color.

3. Make Belts Work for You

Belts don’t just work for dresses. Even when you’re wearing a top and a bottom in different colors, belts can help interrupt the straight line of your body, making you appear less tall. Don’t choose thin belts, unless they’re metallic or otherwise very contrasting. A wider belt will a big buckle can help make you look positively petite.

Belts For Tall Girls

4. Skip the Skinny Jeans and Tight Tops

Going for well tailored, but not really slim garments is definitely one of the best fashion tips to look shorter. Start phasing out skinny jeans from your wardrobe right away, and lose the tight tops too. You don’t have to wear baggy clothes to look shorter, but you should pay closer attention to the fit and avoid tight garments which always make you appear taller.

5. Choose Full Skirts and Dresses

A little volume on the bottom will look flattering on your if you’re not happy with your height. A full skirt, whether as a separate or part of a dress, will definitely help you appear more petite than you actually are. The skirts and dresses to avoid are the very long and flowing ones. They’ll make you look taller, and so will most column dresses.

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6. Go for Strappy Shoes

If you’re not a fan of flats, one of the best fashion tips to look shorter is choosing strappy shoes with round toes. Pointed toes can make you look taller, so avoid them as much as you can. Straps over the instep and ankle straps are the best way to rock heels without feeling like you look too tall.

Stappy Shoes To Look Shorter

7. Try Cropped Pants

Another good way to appear shorter is to cut the vertical lines of your legs with capris or 3/4 length pants. They might be a nightmare for petite women since they make them look even shorter, but if you like them, make them a part of your style for flattering look. Since you should let go of skinny jeans, full length pants always work better with a boot cut or a little flare, instead of straight.

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8. Choose Longer Tops

Say goodbye to crop tops, because one of the best fashion tips to look shorter is wearing longer tops, everything from tees and blouses to coats and blazers. Even cardigans should be long. Aim for tops that graze your hips in order to look less tall. If you’re self conscious about your hips, you can go a little higher, but you also try to use a belt in order to look more petite.

9. Rock High Waisted Pants and Skirts

Other style that women much shorter than you would be happy to pull off, high waisted pants and skirts are a great way to make you look more proportionate, without shortening your torso or legs too much.

Outfit To Look Shorter

10. Avoid Slouching

Now that you’ve got the best fashion tips to look shorter, don’t ever think about slouching again. Good posture is important for a stylish look, and slouching can also cause you health problems in the long run.