Best DIY Fashion Blogs: A Pair and A Spare

A Pair and A Spare DIY fashion blog is highly popular, and with good reason! Its creator, Geneva Vanderzeil, is a true fashionista that keeps up with the latest trends while promoting original, DIY accessories and pieces of clothing.

Geneva Vanderzeil started her DIY fashion blog in 2009 and its popularity has sky rocketed ever since! This beautiful Aussie, currently living in Hong Kong, has even written a book about DIY, called “DIY Fashionista”. Geneva also writes for Vogue Australia, Lucky Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar.

Diy Knitted Bag

Best DIY Fashion Blogs: Love Aesthetics

Love Aesthetics is another amazing DIY fashion blog, created by Ivania Carpio back in 2008. Her fashion blog comprises several sections, ranging from clothing to accessories and DIY projects.

Diy Laser Cut Shorts (2)

When it comes to DIY fashion, Ivania Carpio loves using unconventional fabrics to create surprising pieces of clothing. An example of this kind is the neoprene bikini, one of Ivania’s latest DIY projects. Take a look at her incredible DIY fashion blog if you want to find out more about how to make your own neoprene bikini, and much more!

Diy Neoprene Bikini

Best DIY Fashion Blogs: P.S. I Made This

P.S. I Made This can be easily included in a top 10 DIY fashion blogs, given its popularity. What makes this DIY fashion blog so cool is the fact that its creator, Erica Domesek, does what every one of us would love to do: recreates clothes and accessories she sees and adores on the runway!

Besides the funny drawings, each DIY project has also very detailed instructions so you can also try and replicate her fashion discoveries!

Best Diy BanglesDiy Color Block Sunglasses

Best DIY Fashion Blogs: Honestly…WTF

If you’re looking for inspiration to put into practice with your own DIY fashion projects, then you shouldn’t miss DIY fashion blog Honestly…WTF. This complex website has a DIY section were you’ll find all kinds of fashion goodies and their detailed instructions: from studded sneakers to rhinestone necklaces and jeweled beanies!

Best Diy Fashion TipsDiy Embellished Sneakers

Best DIY Fashion Blogs: Love Maegan

Love Maegan is not just a DIY fashion blog, but a website chock-full of DIY projects that cover hair styling, nail art, home decor, and so much more! This very useful site was created by Maegan Tintari in 2006 and it’s a true inspiration for any aspiring DIYer. You should definitely take a look at Maegan’s hair accessories, which are spectacular, to say the least.

Diy Embellished Hair CombDiy Hair Combs

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Photos: A Pair and A Spare, Love Aesthetics, P.S. I Made This, Honestly…WTF, Love Maegan