As you all know, fashion is all about expressing yourself and thank God there are ways to do it. While some jewelry items may be expensive,  and possibly prohibitive, there are cheaper alternatives. Therefore, if you are handy this is the kind of stuff you can do yourself.

Pretty sure you’ve heard by now about polymer clay, a material that is easy to work with and is used to handcraft all sorts of items: jewelry, miniatures, flowers, decorations and so on, you name it.

I’ve came across yesterday on such very nice looking,  yet affordable, pin earring that caught my eye. The provided  polymer clay earrings tutorial is very easy to follow and well documented with step by step images.

As the author of the tutorial says, making your own jewelry is fun and the only limit is your own imagination. The technique is very simple and you don’t need advanced or expensive tools.

For more info and pictures with these clay earrings, check out the original tutorial.