A glamorous style comes at a price, but it doesn’t have to be bad for your health. Some items of clothing and accessories can create health problems or aggravate symptoms for existing conditions. Find out more about the ways fashion can be bad for your health and avoid the biggest dangers.

A big part of looking your best is also feeling good, so stop making compromises in the name of your style and learn how to avoid the most common health risks associated with fashion.

Settling for Ill-Fitting Bras

Many women still face health issues that are caused by wearing the wrong size of bra. From posture problems to back pain, headaches and even indigestion, an ill-fitting bra can cause a lot of serious health conditions. When it’s too tight, a bra can also cut off circulation in you lymphatic system, increasing the risk of cancer. Don’t hesitate to get a professional bra fitting everytime you lose or gain weight to make sure you’re wearing the right size and you can cross off one of the ways fashion can be bad for your health.

Buying Cheap Clothing

Dressing smart on a budget is difficult and many cheap clothes can pose significant health risks. Studies conducted by Greenpeace and the Center for Environmental Health have shown that cheap fabrics often contain harmful substances. Cheap handbags often contain high levels of lead and that’s even a problem for big retailers, not just knock-offs. Other dangerous substances in cheap clothing include nonylphenol ethoxylates and other chemicals that have been linked to cancer.

High Heels Bad For You

Wearing High Heels

Wearing high heels too often is one of the most obvious ways fashion can be bad for your health, and the problems aren’t limited to just your feet. Wearing heels over 2” daily can have serious effects on your posture and hurt your knees, hips and back. Prolongued use can also shorten certain muscles in your calves and if you’re still wearing high heels regularly, you might even experience muscle spasms.

Abusing Shapewear

Just like heels, shapewear isn’t meant to be worn daily or for extended periods of time. Even if you buy the right size and you feel comfortable in it right when you put it on, it can compress your torso, especially if you have a big meal while you’re wearing it. Besides pain and muscle trouble, you also risk nerve damage and chronic pain if you wear shapewear that’s too tight for too long. You can also face skin problems, because shapewear traps moisture and keeps it pressed against you skin, which may cause rashes and even yeast infections.

Cheap Metal Jewelry Bad For You

Getting Cheap Jewelry

You don’t have to spend a fortune on designer jewelry, but stay away from really cheap metals when it comes to jewelry. With high levels of lead, along with carcinogens and other toxins, cheap jewelry is one of the ways fashion can be bad for your health. You won’t notice symptoms most of the time, but having your skin touch toxins for a long time is a bad idea.

Wearing Flip Flops

Just like high heels, flip flops force your foot into an uncomfortable position. They offer no support for the arch of the foot and their thin soles don’t absorb shocks like normal shoes are designed too. Wearing flip flops at the beach is safe, but turning them into footwear that you use every day is not good. The list of problems they can cause includes ankle trouble, along with blisters and wearing them too frequently is one of the most direct ways fashion can be bad for your health.

Heavy Earrings Bad For You

Tolerating Heavy Earrings

Chandelier earrings may look stunning, but when they’re too heavy they take a big toll on your ear lobes. Focus on finding lighter earrings, especially if you prefer the hook kind. When they’re too heavy, you’ll notice they can easily enlarge the piercing and put your ear lobes through too much tension. When it comes to ways fashion can be bad for your health, skip heavy earrings and get a chunky necklace instead.

Chocking with Ties

What ill-fitting bras and shapewear do for women, neckties and tight shirt collars do for men. Breathing problems aren’t one of the first symptoms, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that if you’re breathing normally you’re not putting too much pressure on your neck. From the many ways fashion can be bad for your health, wearing tight garments around your neck is truly dangerous because it can have a negative effect on blood circulation to the brain. Possible risks also include glaucoma and cancer.

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