If you’re having some spare time during a hectic work week, you should take on a new hobby. Did you run out of ideas? No worries, check these suggestions of winter hobby ideas for women and choose the ones you like most!

Winter Hobby Idea for Women: Candle Making

You should definitely include candle making on your hobby ideas for women list. All you need is a little practice and some imagination. You can purchase your candle making supplies at any crafts store in your city.

Just think of your favorite scents and what they stand for. Do you want to create a romantic and sensual mood? Great, then surprise your partner with this special winter hobby idea for women. He’ll most likely appreciate your initiative and enjoy your special scented homemade candles.

Essential Oil Candle

Best Winter Hobby Ideas for Women: Soap Making

If you’re into homemade products, you should try out one of the best winter hobby ideas for women, soap making. You can start your journey by melting some old soaps to get a new shape, using some molding forms. Then, you may want to pour a bit of essential oil (e.g. lavender, almond or whatever oil strikes your fancy) to add a special scent to your soap. Plus, when it comes to this winter hobby idea for women, you can find a lot of free tutorials and recipes online from which you can choose your favorites.

Hobby Ideas for Women List: Jewelry Making

How does jewelry making sound? If you’re into shiny and classy jewels, you can make them at home. What better way to express your feminine side than with this special hobby idea for women over 40? Choose the colors you like and use your imagination to make beautiful pieces of jewelry that you can offer as a gift to your loved ones. They’ll most definitely appreciate your original presents!

Hobby Idea for Women over 40: Crocheting and Knitting

Knitting is a perfect hobby idea for women over 40. If you want to surprise your family on Christmas day with some home knitted jumpers, then you should start learning how to knit and crochet. This activity could also be included on your hobby ideas for women list because it offers you the chance to choose among different patterns.


Moreover, you can get inspired by all those free tutorials and videos that you can find on the Internet. So, if you want to surprise your loved ones with some homemade knitting, you should buy some yarn, needles or a crochet, and then ‘get down to business’!

Creative Hobby Idea for Women: Painting

Painting is an amazing winter hobby idea for women. It will offer you the chance to explore your artistic side and to get to know yourself better through this means of expression. You shouldn’t be shy or think that you won’t be good at it; do it anyway, regardless of your talent, and if you want to improve your painting skills, all you have to do is to attend painting classes!

Another great thing about this hobby idea for women over 40 is that it offers you the chance to express your emotions through art. Plus, paintings are timeless objects that can adorn your home.

Woman Painting

Tasty Winter Hobby Idea for Women: Baking

Baking is definitely a tasty winter hobby idea for women. What would you say about taking some cooking classes and learning how to bake mouth watering cookies and cakes? Your cooking teacher will provide you with great recipes and baking tips, and you’ll get to improve your skills at home, cooking some amazing dishes for your family. Moreover, this winter hobby idea will also offer you the chance to share useful pieces of advice with other members from your cooking class.

Interactive Winter Hobby Ideas for Women: Paper Folding

Paper folding is one of the most interactive winter hobby ideas for women. You can join an origami class and learn the basic rules of this Japanese paper folding art. Learn how to make roses, cranes or geisha book signs, and surprise your loved ones with these great decorative homemade objects!

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