In the era of selfies, the pressure to look good in pictures is at an all time high, so learning a thing or two about the art of taking a good selfie is a skill that will definitely come in handy, whether you love or hate the trend. To ensure your pictures receive the right type of attention, you might want to consider making use of these easy tips to look good in selfies:

1. Good lighting is key

It might seem pretty basic, but lighting is one of the most important factors that make the difference between a good or bad shot. Avoid using your camera’s LED flash whenever possible and be sure to never take a photo with a source of light behind you – backlighting is a good selfie’s kiss of death. For a natural look, seasoned pros recommend standing next to a window. Why? Because doing so provides a soft light and thus a more flattering look. In regards to the best times to take selfies, you should know that early mornings and late afternoons are considered the most optimal.

2. How to look good in selfies: Clarity tips

Taking the phone’s cover off might be one of the easiest tips for looking good in selfies as doing so improves the photo’s clarity and thus its quality. Reversing the camera so that you can see yourself will result in a lower quality photo, so resist the temptation to do it. On the subject of clarity, if you’re still a novice when it comes to shooting good looking selfies, be sure to take your time and concentrate on the camera’s positioning before pushing the capture button to avoid blurry pictures.

Good Selfie

3. Consider the angle

Looking straight at the camera is rarely flattering for most people. Though the best angle is determined through careful experimentation, keeping the head slightly tilted so that only one ear is visible usually leads to good looking selfies. A couple of pointers: shooting from below is the easiest way to create a double chin, so it should be avoided at all costs. Shooting from above yields better selfies, however, going too high can also ruin proportions, making the head look too large in relation to the body.

4. Steer clear of cliches

All the efforts to look great in a selfie can be canceled by turning to an overused theme or setting. Some of the don’ts of good selfies are: the duck face, the bathroom shot, mirror and “sleeping” shots and any antics inspired by the celebrity pop culture – Miley Cyrus’ antics are best left to her and her only! Also on the list are overly sexy shots. While these might boost your confidence on the short term, you’ll eventually regret sharing them on social media.

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5. Easy tip to look good in selfies: Use filters

Filters make everything look better, so if you want to look best, be sure to use them to your advantage. A few filters worth trying are Inkwell, Willow, Lo-Fi, X-Pro, Amaro and Valencia. Though certain alterations can make the photo look over-processed, there’s nothing wrong with a few small adjustments.

6. Avoid forced facial expressions

To look best in selfies try to keep things as natural as possible. A forced smile is quite easy to detect and can send the message that you are trying too hard. Instead try thinking about a pleasant moment. The memory will help put a genuine smile on your face.

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