These products aren’t just comfortable, they’re also very versatile, thus offering you the chance to pair them with both a beautiful dress and the perfect office outfit. Furthermore, they provide a great support and help hide your problem areas.

How to Choose Shapewear: Identify Your Problem Area

If you want to learn how to choose shapewear, you should start by identifying your problem area. For example, do you want to define your waist or simply hide your tummy? It’s important to mention that there are a lot of products available, each one designed for a specific area of your body. Once you’ve made up your mind, choosing the right shapewear for your figure will be an easy thing to do.

What Size of Shapewear Do I Need: Go for your Regular Size

Now it’s important to focus on the size of shapewear you need to achieve your goal: a sculpted body. In order to do so, here’s another great shapewear tip to bear in mind: you should go for your regular size. Let’s take for example a full body shapewear. Although you might be tempted to choose a smaller size in order to get more control, you should purchase instead your typical panty size to avoid rolling. In addition, if you decide to opt for a bigger size, you won’t get the necessary control from your undergarments.

Shapewear Tights

Best Shapewear Tips: Choose the Style that Fits your Body Best

Choosing that style that fits your body is one of the best shapewear tips to take into account. Just think about it: do you want a product that can slim only a particular area of your body? In this case, it’s recommended to look for briefs, a bustier or a tummy control shapewear. On the other hand, if you want to opt for an item that covers most of your body, you should pick a bodysuit instead. This type of shapewear will provide you with great support and will make your figure look slimmer.

How to Buy Shapewear: Pick a Brand that’s not Too Expensive

If you’re a rookie that wants to find out how to buy shapewear, it would be best to go for a brand that’s not too expensive. Assets by Sara Blakely Body Shapers tights can be a great suggestion, especially when being on a budget. These garments provide you with sizes based on your height and weight. This way you’ll know what item you need to buy. You can also purchase two sizes and check which one suits you best.

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