Halloween is almost here and if you haven’t begun already, it’s time to start put together your costume. Take inspiration from our special 2013 Halloween costume ideas inspired by this year’s pop culture. Dress as this year’s most talked about celebrity, famous YouTube stars or as your favorite movie or TV characters from the best shows from 2013. 

Amanda Bynes for Halloween

If you’re looking for celebrity inspired 2013 Halloween costumes, this one will probably top the list. This is actually pretty easy to pull off. All you have to do is pair closed-ankle sweats with a tank top. Throw in a blue or blonde wig, a temporary tattoo of angel wings, oversized sunglasses and some fake piercings and you’re ready to rock the Amanda Bynes look!

Amanda Bynes Halloween Costume

Prohibition Era Inspired Costumes

With so many films and series revisiting the 1920s, from “The Great Gatsby” to “Boardwalk Empire”, Prohibition era-inspired looks make great Halloween costume ideas, especially for couples. You can rent gangster and flapper costumes for two or make your own. Ladies, if you want to look like Daisy Buchanan, you’ll need a knee-length, dropped waist-line dress, below-the-knee stockings and T-strap shoes. 

Daisy Buchanan Halloween Costume

Be sure to accessorize with a headband, ideally with feathers, and a string of pearls. Gents, if you want to pull off the gangster look, you’ll need the signature pinstriped suit, black or black and white shoes, ideally with spats, and a black fedora hat.

American Horror Story Coven Witches

American Horror Story returned to the screens with a witch themed series and why look further when you can dress as the baddest witch this Halloween. Go as the Supreme witch, Fiona Goode played by Jessica Lange wearing an all black outfit with a knee-length little black dress, oversized black sunnies, gloves and a black umbrella. 

Supreme Witch Fiona Goode Halloween Costume

The Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau portrayed by Angela Bassett, is also a good Halloween costume idea: find a late 1800s style dress or even a gypsy costume and pair it with stacked jewelry, a long shawl and a turban headwrap to complete the costume. For a last minute Halloween costume, go as one of the young witches wearing a tea-length dress and black accessories. 

Voodoo Queen Halloween Costume

Game of Thrones Halloween Costume Ideas

If you are a fan of G.R.R. Martin’s saga, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to Halloween costumes as there are so many characters to choose from. You can order your costume online or do it yourself. Game of Thrones-inspired costumes also provide great Halloween costume ideas for couples, try Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo. Here are some easy tips to help you make your own Game of Thrones-inspired Halloween costume.

Let’s face it, dressing up as the Dragon Queen is one of the coolest Halloween costume ideas. Especially as it’s quite easy to get the look. All you need is a long flowing dress, a cape and a long blonde wig. You may want to bring a dragon along, be it even a toy dragon.

Daenerys And Drogo Halloween Costume

Khal Drogo is yet another cool and easy Halloween costume idea. It is pretty similar to a Conan the Barbarian costume. To make your own Drogo costume, you will need leather pants, a huge leather belt and a solid waist chain made up of huge medallions. Don’t forget to draw the big bear claw marks going from the shoulders across the chest. For a truly genuine look, it should be a shirtless costume, but you can throw in a leather vest too.

Zombie Halloween Costumes

Let’s face it, with ‘The Walking Dead’ and other zombie tales, zombies probably remain the best Halloween costume ideas. It’s a look quite easy to pull off, as, in terms of costume, pretty much anything goes. 

Zombie Halloween Costumes

Get a costume from a thrift store and have fun ripping it to shreds. For a more genuine look, cover your hands in thin blood paint before tearing at it. Throwing in some ashes will also help. Bear in mind, though, that makeup is the most important element to pull off a credible zombie look.

YouTube Stars for Halloween

Dress as YouTube’s funniest females this Halloween. Put on your best ‘Grace-face’ and a striped top to dress as Grace Helbig this Halloween, or throw on a blonde wig and carry two stuffed puppies for a Jenna Marbles costume. You could even get your own Marble and Kermit on Jenna’s blog.

Youtube Stars For Halloween

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