Some trends are considered ridiculous even by most women, but men also have their reasons for disliking certain elements of women’s fashion. If you’re curios what current fashion trends men hate or at least dislike, check out our list and find out why women love certain trends, which men find less than fashionable or sexy.

There’s certainly a lot of controversy surrounding  men’s opinions about women’s fashion, but when you’re dating or looking for that perfect guy, these fashion trends men hate, but women love might help you find the right outfits for a date, for all the right reasons.

1. Peplum Dresses, Shirts and Skirts

One of the hottest fashion trends men hate, peplum is popping up everywhere and a lot of women like it for both waist definition or for adding curves. When you’re looking for the peplum that will fit your silhouette best, don’t forget that most men know about this trick. 

Peplum Trends


Some might not find the extra volume flattering and others lump it with shapewear as part of the “cheats” women use to accentuate their best features and hide the ones they’re less proud of.

2. Oversized Sunglasses  

Channeling Jackie O with oversized sunglasses may make you feel glamorous, but most men don’t see this trend the same way as you do. 

Oversized Sunglasses


Try to find the glam in some other pieces of your outfit and stop hiding half your face if you’re heading to a singles bar. They’re certainly one of the fashion trends men hate, but women love for the luxe feel and look.

3. High Waisted Shorts, Skirts and Jeans

High Waist Shorts


Trendy when worn the right wait, high waisted bottoms can sometimes make men think of mom jeans or can simply register as another slimming “trick”, just like peplum. If they feel just right for your style and silhouette, don’t even think about giving them up, but when you’re hitting the dating scene, maybe give this trend a skip.

4. Oversized Bags

Do you have a lot of stuff you need around all the time? Oversized bags are another top pick in the list of fashion trends men hate. Stay trendy by going for smaller purses instead and forget about oversized bags, especially when they look disproportionate to your figure.

Oversized Handbag


5. Metallic Fabrics

While a few metallic glances can help you be trendy, a full metallic dress or jacket isn’t exactly a man magnet. Stick to metallic shoes and accessories, especially if you’re already worried about rocking this trend the wrong way. Even though they’re one of the fashion trends men hate, but women love, you should still rock metallic shine pieces when you’re going out with your girlfriends and men aren’t on your mind.

Metallic Dress


6. Clashing Prints

Once a fashion faux-pas, clashing prints is getting increasingly trendy, but it’s still not for everyone. Part of the reason men aren’t crazy about this trend is purely aesthetic. 

Clashing Prints


Mixing prints can seem tacky to some, but it can also look like two random pieces slapped together without much thought. Skip it, especially for a first date, when a man usually makes an effort to look his best and might feel you didn’t extend him the same courtesy.

7. Very High Heels

They’re certainly sexy but ultra high heels fall between fashion trends men hate, but women love. Heels can make you feel more confident, but when you forget about comfort completely and you end up complaining about your heels all night to a guy, he might be completely turned off by them.

Very High Heels


9. Multiple Bangles

When it comes to accessories, bangles are at the top of the trendy list in, but sometimes they’re also noisy. When you wear a lot of bangles, you might not even notice the sound, but most men will. 

Stacked Bracelets Arm Party


Stay on trend and avoid this obstacle by losing the many metallic bangles and go for wood chunky bangles, that make less noise and don’t get anything stuck in between them.

9. Shoulder Pads

One of the biggest trends of the ‘80s, shoulder pads continue to sneak back into fashion  once every few seasons, but they’ve never been a favorite for most men. At their best, they can help you achieve a strong look you love, but they’re also one of the fashion trends men hate, because they can easily make you look like a linebacker.

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