In your 20s, you can easily get away with flubbing style rules, but once you move on to the next phase of your life, it’s important to tone your style down a bit and avoid a few trends and items that detract from your more polished style.

Discover the 10 things to stop wearing in your 30s, that you won’t even miss once you start moving towards a more adult look, that has less excess but can still be incredibly trendy and edgy.

Anything from the Junior Section

It’s time to say goodbye to shopping in the junior section of the department store, no matter if you still think some of the outfits there are incredibly cute. You should also comb through your wardrobe for any item that screams junior. 

For instance, anything with “Baby Girl” has to go in your 30s. Separate the teen from the new, more stylish, you.

Clashing AccessoriesClashing Accessories

Start putting together your accessories with a bit more style in your 30s to create a more coherent look. Mixing a delicate necklace with big chunky bracelets and a funky ring will just create confusions. Nobody’s urging you to lose your edge, but when it comes to high impact accessories, like sparkling purses or animal print bags, make sure they’re the main piece that stands out. When you wear two eye-catching accessories at the same time, your look is already getting too busy.

Bows in Your Hair

Unless you’re an aging child star who never got to grow up, bows don’t belong in your hair. The rule doesn’t just refer to ribbons you tie yourself, it’s about any bow detailing in your hair accessories. Go for simpler lines and forget the brightly colored bows, whether they’re on hair pins or headbands. Not only are bows no longer appropriate, but they also age you since they make you look desperate to be younger.

Crop Tops

The days of showing off your belly-button are gone because crop tops are one of the things to stop wearing in your 30s. Even if you’re rocking the best abs you’ve ever had, save them for the beach or for pool parties where the dress code actually encourages bare midriffs. When you can’t show off your stomach anymore, you’ll find more sophisticated ways of highlighting your sex appeal.

All Pink OutfitsAll Pink Outfit In Your 30s

Say goodbye to bright pink outfits. If you still have pink dresses you think you can salvage with accessories, don’t get rid of them, but aim for less pink overall. The main exception to this rule is well tailored skirt suit, but when it comes to pink tops and bottoms, they don’t belong together anymore.


You’re actually supposed to give up backpacks after college, but you definitely should know they’re one of the things to stop wearing in your 30s. With such a large variety of sophisticated bags, from simple duffels to big totes and weekender bags, there’s simply no excuse for still using a backpack.

Leather Pants

When it comes to leather pants, they’re not exactly great in your 20s either, but once you feel wiser, it’s time to let them go. Try them out one more time in front of your mirror, but go for more mature and sophisticated looks even when you’re bar-hoping. When it comes to things to stop wearing in your 30s, leather pants have got to go!

Short ShortsShort Shorts In Your 30s

Say goodbye to the Daisy Dukes and go for bottoms that offer a little more coverage. You don’t have to tame your entire personality, but the super short cut offs are definitely one of the things to stop wearing in your 30s. You shouldn’t stop working on your gorgeous legs, but it’s time to stop showing them off in short shorts. A longer pant or skirt leaves a bit more to the imagination and helps you dress more grown up.

Message T-Shirts

Even if you still have a lot to say, maybe it’s time to stop putting it on your t-shirts. If you’ve still got plenty of t-shirts with funny or “cool” slogans, make them part of your more casual indoor looks, but stop going out in them. For a more mature look, try edgier colors or even prints for your tops, with no sign of any text.

Super Low-Rise Jeans

Your buttcrack doesn’t need to go out as often as it used to. If your super low-rise jeans are showing off your crack or underwear, they’re part of the things to stop wearing in your 30s. You can still keep them around if you pair them with the right top, that goes over your waist and doesn’t allow for a lot of skin to show.

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