While the little black dress is a wardrobe staple than nobody ignores, skirts are often overlooked, despite the fact that their variety can provide you with plenty of style options. From pieces that are perfect for the office to skirts you can rock at a picnic or a club, discover the 10 skirts you should own.

Find out which of these basic skirts works best for your body type and why you should aim for having at least one of each for a stylish and complete wardrobe.

1. A-Line Skirt

With a fitted waist, A-line skirts slowly widen towards the hem for a shape that resembles the letter A. Also called a princess skirt, this item comes in many variations, from knee length to ankle length. A-line skirts aren’t suited for formal events, but they’re a great semi-dressy or casual option. 

Outfit With A Line Skirtphoto: Hallie S.

Flattering to all body types, an A-line skirt can add curves for slim women with a straight figure, but they’re also a great choice for plus-size women since it puts emphasis on the waist and hides the hips.

2. Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirt Outfitphoto: Renata M.

A great formal and office option, pencil skirts are usually knee-length and form fitting. The perfect combination with blazers, pencil skirts are definitely among the skirts you should own, since they can also be flattering for most body types.

3. Maxi Skirt

Maxi Skirt Outfitphoto: Margarita Lemeshko

This ankle-length skirt is best worn when it starts at your natural waistline for a professional look, but it also comes in more casual versions which start below the belly button. Petite women can also go for a high waste to look taller. While straight and narrow fitted is the main look of the maxi skirts, you can also go for a flared version if your silhouette doesn’t shine when it comes to curves.

4. Pleated Skirt

Pleated Skirt Outfitphoto: Sheryl L

One of the most important skirts you should own, pleated skirts can be very flattering for your waistline, while also giving you more space to move than a pencil skirt. Keep them short if you’re looking for a casual look or go for ankle-length for a more professional look. The most flattering looks for skirts with vertical pleats are either above the knee or mid-calf.

5. Wrap Skirt

Wrap Skirt Outfitphotos: Sirma Markova

Whether you call it a sarong or a wrap skirt, this clothing item is as simple as it gets, but it’s also flattering on all body shapes. If you want a slimming effect, got for a length that hits below the knee. Perfect for the beach or any pool party, the wrap skirt is a summer must-have. If you’d like it in a print, stick to smaller shapes if you want to look slimmer.

6. Boho Skirt

Boho Skirt Outfitphotos: Shea Marie

Whether they feature prints or just color blocks, boho skirts are also called peasant skirts or gypsy skirts and they’re another summer staple. They’re one of the skirts you should own because they create a casual vibe that goes well with either flats or boots for a boho chic look. If it’s very wide, don’t pair it with an equally voluminous top.

7. Circle Skirt

Circle Skirt Outfitphoto: Kavita D

If you want to add a vintage touch to your look, you can’t go wrong with a cute circle skirt. Flattering for most silhouettes, this simple skirt made from a single piece of fabric is usually the right fit when you wear it on your natural waistline. Take the waist too high and you’ll end up looking a lot shorter, which is only a good look for very tall women.

8. Asymmetrical Skirt

Asymmetrical Skirt Outfitphoto: Jessica Stein

Featuring an uneven hemline, asymmetrical pieces are among the skirts you should own because of the way they add instant style and draw attention to your legs. You can either go for a skirt with multiple slits, for a hemline that’s longer on one side or one that’s slightly longer in the back. Dress it up with pumps and you’ve got a versatile look.

9. Bubble Skirt

Bubble Skirt Outfitphoto: Tahti Syrjala

With a hemline that hits above the knee or mid-calf, bubble skirts are also called tulip skirts because of their distinctive shape. Depending on your choice of fabric, you can take them in a casual direction or keep them dressy. Since this type of skirt highlights your natural waistline, it’s a good choice for all body types, but for the most flattering effect, go for the longer version.

10. Mini Skirt

Mini Skirt Outfitphoto: Jessica R. 

No list of skirts you should own would be complete without mini skirts. Whether they’re pleated or simple, the most flattering way to rock a mini skirt is to choose the right fabric, that has just enough stretch to stay put without restricting movement.

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