It seems that Zara managed to bring an impressive shoe collection for the upcoming season in order to fulfill every fashionista’s needs. From comfy flat sandals to low or medium size heels and super-high heels, the Zara shoe collection for spring/summer 2011 comes with an array of different styles and colors perfectly mixing comfort and elegance.

Zara always succeeded to impress everyone through the uniqueness of their models which exuded femininity, without forgetting the practical side of a shoe. With trends changing every season, shoes must also obey the rules. And since brights and fruity delicious colors are so hot for spring/summer 2011, Zara has chosen dazzling shades in order to embellish their shoes. Vibrant orange, turquoise, fuchsia, and red are some of the colors used that can certainly brighten up a boring outfit.

Black high-heeled sandals, simple, yet very feminine and sexy, they are the perfect choice for a special, glamorous outfit. Looking at the new Zara shoe collection is impossible not to find a pair of stylish sandals or shoes with an interesting design. The Spanish label created remarkable high-heeled shoes with knit layers or extravagant glitters.

Platform sandals are so fashionable for the warm season! They are versatile and universally flattering, stretching and slimming the body. Due to their optic potential, platforms became a must-have during summertime and are more than loved by women. Moreover, they have the advantage of being very easy to mix and match. The spring/summer 2011 Zara collection has some great platform sandals that work great for any silhouette and look very sexy.

Wrestling ourselves out of winter, one cannot forget the famous clogs. Well, Zara makes a certain reinterpretation of this legendary footwear, offering sandals with wooden sole and heels. Another type of shoes that seems to never go out of fashion is the wedge. This season, don’t forget to invest into a cool pair of wedges as they have the big advantage of sparing our feet from unnecessary and unwanted pain.

After a winter of wearing boots, it’s time we enhance our mood and add some fun and comfort into our wardrobes. And nothing relaxes our feet best than a pair of flats, sandals or shoes. Despite their effortless and simple appearance, flats can make things look elegant based on the outfit you choose. For 2011, the Zara collection developed beautiful flat sandals, but also sweet flat peeptoe shoes and ballerina flats.

Most women believe that only breathtaking high heels are sexy and feminine. Still, Zara shows us that low and medium size heels can be stylish and elegant too. These heels are trendy and graceful offering maximum comfort to those of you who find it so hard to sport a pair of dizzy heels and still look confident and attractive.

Photos courtesy of Zara