As we browse through the collections of some of the most important fashion brands this season we might notice several interesting concepts and visions. However, all the renowned fashion brands seem to have one thing in common: no matter what trend is endorsed or which style perspective is adopted, the high class and the extraordinary quality of the pieces presented are always strikingly visible.

The Yves Saint Laurent brand bases its spring 2011 collection on similar principles, focusing mainly on classicism while also highlighting one of the main fashion trends of the season: animal prints. Exotic leather touches are dominant, being spotted for different styles in the same manner. The color contrast created is simply mesmerizing. Silver, black, light and dark blue or yellow and orange hues are the main style options endorsed by the brand. While the contrast within the same design is powerful enough, when contrasted with the pieces available in black or nude shade, the difference is magnified tremendously.

YSL Tribute Sandals Spring Summer 2011 Yves Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2011 Shoes Yves Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2011 Shoes

Like many luxury fashion brands, YSL also seems to be fully supportive of the idea that platforms are some of the hottest shoe styles of the season. Available in the conventional style, with thin killer heels or in a more interesting and fairly unusual form, with a thick heel and a similar outsole, platforms seem to be the absolute must have style of the season. If we are to make a more in-depth analysis of the shoe designs, we will notice other interesting details that add complexity to the designs. The thin multi straps design choice is one of the trendiest details of the season, being adopted by many fashion houses. The number of details and the overall style vary throughout the collection, however, the influence is fairly visible.

Another rather surprising choice for the shoes in the collection is the golden color, which can be noticed mainly on wedge sandals, which are an equally stylish, yet slightly more comfortable option for the season. When combined with black, gold accents are an obvious indicative of elegance and high class, while when used for a monochrome shoe style, the style statement accessory status can be instantly recognized.

YSL Wooden Wedge Sandals Spring 2011 YSL Wooden Wedges 2011 YSL Sprign 2011 Wedge Sandals

An interesting style influence that cannot be perceived at a careless, superficial glance is the interesting mix between romanticism and boldness or femininity and masculinity. If the chunky platform and the “aggressive” exotic skin touches might be considered somewhat masculine, the classy, black multi-strap wedge sandals seem dainty by comparison. As a result, the collection manages to bring together two seemingly irreconcilable style influences with extreme ease. In addition, combining the need for comfort with the desire for an instant style statement, the YSL brand also features two ballet flat styles that use the aforementioned exotic print.

Photo courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent