New talents are constantly emerging in the fashion industry. Xiao Tong Zhou is one of the most recent examples and her ‘Impression Of The Water’ footwear collection is a fabulous reflection of the true potential that exists for future style influences. She attended the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology where she obtained a BA in Leather Design and is currently pursuing her MA at the London College of Fashion. Her new designs are inspired by water’s constant changing nature.

Water takes different shapes and forms depending on the processes it is exposed to and the designer has captured its amazing power to change through the use of treated ceramics which helps capture the way water transforms on different natural surfaces. The result? A stunning array of heels which are anything but plain or ordinary. Structural heels, intricate designs, these beauties are the perfect option for those looking to make a style statement with each footstep.

The new pieces have ‘drama’ written all over them, which means that comfort takes a backseat while sky high heels reveal the style potential of these gorgeous new offerings. Creating focal points through texture rather than prints, the new designs manage to create a lasting impression and entice viewers to take a closer look. Simplicity merges with edginess for a fabulous set of alternatives that cannot go by unnoticed.

The chromatic contrasts are also fairly subtle yet their effect is definitely stronger than one might consider. These gorgeous new alternatives speak for themselves and can draw attention like a magnet. We could definitely envision eccentric divas with a soft spot for unique and interesting designs like some of these stylish alternatives. An exciting style statement indeed.

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