When picking our footwear we usually tend to go for the most visually alluring and trendiest styles. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be fashionable and stylish, thinking about the health of our feet is also important in order to be able to enjoy our favorite styles for years to come. While some might be tempted to see high heels as the main culprits, they are not the only ones that can cause problems. Alternating between shoe styles can greatly reduce potential problems to a certain extent, yet choosing more appropriate styles can be a better long term solution. Here are some of the worst shoe choices you can make for your feet along with some more flattering styles:

High heels & stilettos No surprise here, high heels are often blamed for a variety of feet problems such as chronic pain, pump bumps or sprained ankles. The unnatural position of the foot generally puts too much pressure on the ball of the feet and this can result in nerve inflammation. To avoid this problem varying the height of the heels along with choosing heels that are no more than 2 inch high and wearing them in moderation can certainly help. Stilettos, on the other hand, can damage the ligaments due to the fact that they don’t offer proper support. This problem can be easily prevented by choosing thicker heels which will enable you to look just as stylish in addition to being more comfortable and preventing wobbling.

Pointy shoes These sexy shoes often cause one of the most visible feet damages: bunions. The unsightly deformation is the direct result of the constant pressure that is placed on the the front part of the feet. Hammertoes are also likely to occur due to prolonged wear of these shoe styles. These problems often require surgical intervention in order to be solved. To avoid going on that painful route, choosing rounded toe shoes which allow your toes to sit more naturally is an easy and rather obvious answer.

Worst Shoes For Your Feet

Ballet flats Ballet flats might be the ultimate definition of comfort and style, however, they can fall short in terms of feet health. The main reason for that is that they fail to provide arch support, which can lead to a variety of problems, the most common one being plantar fasciitis. Hip, back and knee problems can also emerge. Fortunately, the solution in this case can be extremely simple as orthotic inserts can greatly diminish feet pain.

Flip flops They might be a synonym for summer fun, but these shoes do little to support your feet. Because a high portion of the feet is exposed, a variety of injuries can occur. In addition to these, problems similar to those created by ballet flats. If you adore flip flops and would dread giving them up, a better solution can be to try sporty flip flops, that are typically recommended for a more intense walking experience. These shoes are often marketed as being ‘toning shoes’. While experts remain skeptical when it comes to their toning abilities, everyone agrees that they provide excellent feet support.

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