The Queen of Punk, designer Vivienne Westwood is reluctant to come to terms with the limitations of the conventional fashion industry. Her aim is clearly to leave a legacy that marks the evolution of contemporary style and allows all fashionistas to take full advantage of the infinite color and fabric palette. This season the acclaimed trendsetter enchants the fashion pack with yet another parade of the beloved Melissa shoes.

Those who are familiarized with the brand new concept of extremely wearable and comfy jelly shoes will have the privilege to complement their blooming season wardrobe with these footwear models. The bubblegum scented rubber and the hue palette used to breathe life into the classy stilettos, wedges and ballet pumps make these stylish accessories too-cool-too-miss fashion staples. Vivienne Westwood with her Anglomania shoes decorated with the signature ribbons, skulls along with other Punked-up details will tame the cravings of all trailblazers for shoes that speak for their style-consciousness.

Vivienne Westwood Spring 2011 Shoes

Think big when selecting the hottest accessories that could boost the prominence of your casual chic or formal outfits. In spite of being made of rubber, these footwear models look stunning and all event-appropriate. Wear the neutral colored ones for more formal events, whereas the bold and bright designs will be just perfect to show off your fondness for the eclectic style wave. Vivienne Westwood channeled much of her loyalty to alternative designs into these ingenious and sight-pampering high heels. Hearts, skulls and stars are used to make these accessories all age-appropriate. Play with the visual effect of rainbow colored shoes and pierce them into your upgraded wardrobe. Match the right shoe designs to your walking skills.

Whether you’re keen to pamper your feet with flats or would like to take a chance on wedges, the point is to feel confident in your skin and wear only those accessories that allow you to preserve your fashionista reputation. Avoid looking frumpy and explore the fabulous experience these colorful and comfy shoes offer. The classy designs make the rubber flats and Mary Jeans simply irresistible. Test your styling skills and discover the complete range of Melissa shoes available online or at specialized stores. Let the jelly shoes mania launched by Vivienne Westwood trap you into a mesmerizing realm where neutral colored accessories are not an option.

Check out the Croco Mary Jane Heels that look dazzling decorated with this crocodile effect. This shoe design will be available in blue, tan, brown and even pink. Additionally, drop a glimpse also on the Temptation Heels crowned with acrylic buckles and two thick straps. Wear your favorite Melissa high heels with confidence and don’t forget to widen the color scale you’re working with to preserve the versatility of your outfits. Complete your shoe collection with these exquisite style items and pay your tribute to the style vision thought up by the prominent designer by sporting these accessories all throughout the season.

Image courtesy of Vivienne Westwood