Make your shoes your most stylish accessory in the following season with the classy and elegant shoe designs included in the spring 2012 Vionnet collection. Explore the glamorous options put together by the French luxury label.

Glamor and elegance were always a top mission of the most fashion brands, but a complete focus on delivering utter sophistication with every single design is quite rare. The French brand, Vionnet, is focusing on reviving the '30s glamor for the spring 2012 season.

Classy killer pumps in bold colors, fab blends of color for a subtle yet powerful effect and an undeniable sense of glamor and refinement immediately attract attention and provide a lady-like allure. Aside from the focus on versatility and classiness, the line also has a few innocent, childish vibes that set it apart from the norm.

Spring symbols are cleverly incorporated in many of the shoe designs presented. Lady bugs, butterflies or bees are a few of the most recognizable spring symbols that are used to spice up conventional designs and structures and make them more memorable. Forget chunkiness and unisex touches in accessories for the warm months of 2012. Femininity will unquestionably be the buzzword. Summer boots are another interesting highlight of the collection given the fact that this trend was mostly left aside in the past warm season in favor of comfy wedges or platforms, thus their reappearance in the latest Vionnet collection is like a nice breath of fresh air.

Rhinestones are an undeniable glam touch whenever they are added and some of the shoe designs included are specifically designed for those special occasions when looking elegant and put together is a mandatory condition. The bold colors might not make them obvious, ultra versatile choices, yet they can definitely spice up a simple outfit and give it the oh-so-stylish vibe. Flats also make an appearance being a comfy yet stylish option for the times when comfort and style are equally important.

Photo courtesy of Vionnet