Each of Viktor and Rolf’s collection is, since 1998, the moment the artists presented their first haute couture collection, an incredible fusion between art and fashion. This synthesis made possible the birth of a unique brand, very powerful, suggestive and definitely behind fashion. Art world loves Viktor and Rolf, but the fashion world loves them too.

For the spring season of 2010, designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, the names behind the label, have come up with an extremely feminine and sensual line of shoes. This lingerie drawer-inspired collection is all about femininity. The eternal feminine conjuncture comes from all the decorated sandals and boots filled with flowers and fishnets.

Uniting two different images, that of a delicate fairytale woman to that of a conquering and seductive one, Viktor and Rolf’s shoe collection makes you instantly fall in love with it. Funny yet bohemian, this shoe line has a little something for everyone.

Pastels and gorgeous flowers are very well balanced with some aggressive fishnet boots and sandals.

The latex floral sandals come with an impressive platform, while the wedge sandals are delicately accessorized with a pink zipper bow. Unique and impressive, Viktor & Rolf’s spring 2010 shoe collection is about to break our hearts.