United Nude is one of the most highly acclaimed shoemaker brand from the world. Sold in over 40 countries, the gorgeous high heels and flat footwear designs succeeded in landing on the red carpet and the runway. The company launched its first collection back in 2003 and since then continued to provide the style armada with visionary accessories. The United Nude spring 2012 shoes don’t fail to tame the cravings of fashionistas for futuristic and also wearable pumps, sandals and booties. These style creations are characterized by the dazzling fusion of design and fashion.

Platform and cut-out wedges rival the alluring effect of gorgeous sandals armed up with an eye-popping chromatic composition and other refined details. United Nude also collaborated with Iris van Herpen who is also known as one of the prophetic designers of our times. Feast your eyes on these impressive shoe designs to see the latest style operas of this world-wide-known shoemaker company.

United Nude Spring 2012 Shoes United Nude Spring 2012 Shoes United Nude Spring 2012 Shoes

United Nude was always conscious of the ever-changing need of the style pack for revolutionary accessories. The Abstract Hi Rome and 90 Degrees high heels collection is perfect if you’re not afraid to be the pioneer of futuristic shoe designs. Indeed, these footwear styles scream for attitude and courage. If you’re ready to break your dusty fashion mantras, it’s time to incorporate some of these gorgeous architectural style creations into your wardrobe. The fab wooden heels are teamed up with oh-so-stylish leather straps which add length and definition to your silhouette. Practice your walking skills to make sure you save yourself from any meltdown while wearing these ultra-exquisite shoe designs.

The beloved accessory producer company also managed to win the heart of ‘it’ girls who are not afraid of bold and bright accessories. The Elastic Remix Hi and colorful Fold shoe lines create a unique visual effect due to the use of an unlimited chromatic palette. Besides adding a joyful flair to your outfits, these footwear styles are also extremely comfortable. Indulge in a memorable style experience without having to torture your feet with killer heels. Crown your semi-casual or formal outfits with these head-turning shoe designs. Let the groundbreaking silhouette take up the form of your feet and offer you a pleasant feel. Choose from a versatile selection of UN shoes from the online shop and follow the evolution of the brand on and off the catwalk.

United Nude Spring 2012 Shoes United Nude Spring 2012 Shoes United Nude Spring 2012 Shoes United Nude Spring 2012 Shoes United Nude Spring 2012 Shoes

Image courtesy of United Nude