A shoe with attitude, who thought can really do it? Well, over the years, someone did it! When famous Dutch architect Rem D. Koolhaas and the English shoemaker Galahad J.D. Clark goo together, Mobius was created – a concept store for women, designing shoes with an interesting and avant-garde appeal.

If Mobius means a story without a beginning or an end, what later turned into United Nude created shoes manufactured out of a single piece of material. A United Nude shoe means beautiful and interesting features – every shoe reinterprets a certain architectural element in its dynamics, due to fact that Koolhaas applied his vision into everyday life.

Since 2003, United Nude has established itself as an iconic brand at the intersection between design and fashion, and their products are all about clear concepts, elegance and innovation. They play with the idea of an invisible heel and they make it possible.

They dream about the absolute lightest shoe and they also succeed. United Nude is a revolutionary brand in shoes industry.

United Nude shoes are best expressed into 3 categories, the Classics, the Ultra Collection and the Mono Series. The Classics feature the Mobius shoe – conceptually, the shoe is a Mobius band where a single strip forms, at once, the sole, heel, foot-bed and upper. The Mobius concept for a shoe was found by transforming the frame of Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona chair.

United Nude Sandals ultra Mobius and Cosmo SandalsThe Ultra Collection is the place where the Ultra Mobius and Cosmo models of shoes are the definite stars. The Cosmo model is an outstanding creation, as plays with gravity and tension and what looks to be an impossible construction by using hand molded carbon fiber to achieve its sexy look.

United Nude Shoes Mono Collection

The Mono series are famous due to their comfortable wear and aspect. When it comes to a work of art translated into shoes, the United Nude surely did it, as they created the sleekest everyday walking shoe (Mono Lo), or the world’s lightest wedge shoe of EVA material. You can purchase United Nude shoes above at www.unitednude.com.