A girl can never have enough shoes, and since the fashion scene is always bombarded with new styles and new color shoes, keeping the look fresh, fabulous and interesting can be a breeze. The style that seems to have caused a stir this season, a new must have trend for sure as celebs and shoe designers have put them on display heavily this spring/summer 2012 season, is the metallic cap toe pump. One of the brands that set the trend with cap toe pumps is Louis Vuitton and the brand’s gorgeous shoe designs have inspired women who can’t afford to splash on a brand new pair of LV shoes to find the best ways to rock the new trend.

More and more people are turning their attention towards DIY products as this way you can look stylish and unique without ‘drilling a whole’ in your budget. High-end designer creations are definitely not accessible to everyone, but does that mean you have to ditch your style needs? No, as with a little bit of ingenuity, a low skill level and the right tools, you can do wonders for your style. DIY metallic (or matte, creamy) cap toe pumps have conquered the hearts of numerous style icons including Rihanna, Kristen Stewart and Alexa Chung, so make sure you’re not missing out on all the fun by creating your very own pair of two-tone cap toe pumps.

Before you proceed to channel your inner ‘craftsman’ you need to put together the following products that will help you get the perfect result. According to FabsugarTV, the following items are essential:

Pointy toe shoes

Painter’s tape

Silver spray paint

Finishing gloss spray

Start by measuring the exact point which will be painted on both shoes as symmetry is crucial. Once you’ve marked the spot using a crayon, wrap the shoe in painter’s tape leaving exposed only the part which you wish to paint. Make sure the ends are sealed as the fumes from the spray might color an unwanted part of your pumps, and that is something you want to avoid. Spray paint uniformly and from the advised distance written on the paint to avoid dripping and streaks of color. Allow the paint to dry and if you’re happy with the coverage, spray the finishing gloss over to achieve an extra dose of shine and a long lasting color. Remove the tape and voilà! You’ve managed to create your very own pair of trendy cap toe pumps.

You can color the pumps in a matte finish hue, your favorite hues if you wish, so go for neon or glossy black, depending on what suits your style as this is all about achieving a unique look, one that is all about you, so dare to experiment as you might discover DIY items quite addictive!

Photos courtesy of vogue.com