When it comes to easy ways of updating our look without major changes, almost noting beats a well chosen set of accessories. When it comes to classy and sophisticated accessories, the offerings of the Tory Burch label are always worth considering. For the upcoming months, the label has placed a high emphasis on femininity with a refined touch. As always, the focus is not on bringing faddish options that will quickly lose their appeal, but instead being versatile options with a fun trendy allure which have the potential to steal the spotlight instantly.

Fans of the pointy toe pumps might feel like this particular style element has been left into oblivion in recent seasons, however the new collection definitely makes up for the lost time with sophisticated options that will prove extremely hard to resist. The silhouette-enhancing benefits of heels are virtually indisputable and the label sure aims to help women reap the benefits which each design put forward. And, since it’s a good chance that your attire will lean towards dark tones, you can definitely benefit from a well placed pop of color.

Tory Burch Fall 2012 Shoes

When it comes to creating interest, the label relies on both fun pops of color in the form of eye-catching contrasts and sophisticated and fairly discreet textural touches. The trendy allure is not neglected but instead becomes refined and creates the impression of luxury. The exotic skin texture is considered by many to be the epitome of luxury and the new offerings definitely perpetuate this fun idea even further. Still, unlike many collections which make it the main focal point, the new designs are more of a subtle take on the trend, even when the question of mixing exotic skin textures comes up.

Textural contrasts are not limited to the exotic skin contrast. The suede patent leather combo is also beautifully reflected as a simple and super versatile alternative. Abstract colorful motifs are other fun alternatives for those who crave something classy and different. Going for a colorful touch can instantly cheer you without losing refinement or sophistication in the process. Keeping things classy and modern is definitely a good way to get to approach the new season trends and adding a few trendy and interesting vibes to a multitude of outfit styles.

Tory Burch Fall 2012 Shoes

Photo courtesy of Tory Burch