Designers often play with the concept of high heel shoes to fascinating results. Check out the weirdest high heel shoes by big designers, some still for sale.

Celebrities love high heels and some of them tried more avantgarde looks with the weirdest high heel shoes by major designers. Check out the top 8 weirdest high heel shoes that are or have actually been for sale.

Julian Hakes Soleless Shoes

Julian Hakes Shoes - Weirdest High Heel Shoes

Gorgeous as a piece of art but unwearable as actual shoes, the Julian Hakes shoes with no sole make the weirdest high heel shoes top, but can they even be called shoes?

"With a high heel, providing the heel is supported, even by standing on a wooden block the foot naturally spans the gap... with bones and tendons", Hakes explained.

Marc Jacobs Inverted Heel Shoes

Marc Jacobs Inverted Heel Shoes

One of the more shocking spring 2008 shoe trends, the Marc Jacobs inverted heel shoes never really took off, despite an innovative design. Since these made it to the list of weirdest high heel shoes, it doesn't really matter if they're comfortable since the concept never gained popularity.

Dior Fertility Goddess Shoes

Marion Cotillard Dior Fertility Goddess Shoes

Marion Cotillard found herself in the midst of controversy after wearing $1600 Dior shoes with heels shaped like fertility goddesses. The French beauty tried the shoes for the Bike in Style 2009 event in New York, but has otherwise kept herself off the list of weirdest high heel shoes.

Alexander McQueen Armadillo Shoes

Lady Gaga Alexander McQueen Armadillo Shoes

One of the most iconic designs by late fashion designer Alexander McQueen, the Armadillo shoes were deemed unwearable even by the most passionate fashionistas. Lady Gaga disagreed and walked the red carpet wearing the McQueen Armadillos and even danced in some of the weirdest high heel shoes for her Bad Romance video.

Jeffrey Campbell The Zoya Shoe

Jeffrey Campbell The Zoya Shoe

With a bizzare platform design, the Jeffrey Campbell Zoya shoe ($300) is one of the weird shoes for sale at a more reasonable price. These shoes might not be the most comfortable high heels, but they certainly do make an impact.

Chanel Gun Heels

Madonna Chanel Gun Heels

Always courting controversy, Madonna shocked in 2008 with Chanel platforms with gun heels, for the premiere of her film Filth and Wisdom. Four years later, we're still waiting for knife blade shoes to make the list of the weirdest high heel shoes.

Aminaka Wilmont Soleless Shoes

Aminaka Wilmont Soleless Shoes

Showcased at the 2008 London Fashion Week, these soleless shoes and boots make Julian Hakes' design look perfectly comfortable.

Aperlai Platform Sandals

Aperlai Platform Sandals

One of the more wearable designs of weird heels for sale in regular stores are the Aperlai platform sandalsicon which feature exquisite sculpted high heels and come with a price tag of $649.