We must admit that wearing high heels for ladies is a must. How could you emphasize your beautiful legs more than wearing stylish pumps. Indeed they can extremely uncomfortable, that’s why it is useful to know some tips before you buy sexy pumps.

It would be very hard to throw out those pairs of heels that made you go through a real torture. Would it be easier if you knew some principles on how to buy them properly? Definitely yes!

1. Height matters

Heels are not for everyone, especially extremely high ones. However if you find the perfect height, you’ll be able to look confident and really refined. Pumps are perfect accessories to complete a fabulous outfit. Professionals advise you to stop at 2-3 inches. These are perfect to maintain your feet healthy. Higher heels would put a huge pressure on your bones and are pretty hard on your feet.

2. Find the Right Size

I’m sure it often happens that you spot a pair of shoes, that are unfortunately a size smaller or larger. Don’t make the mistake of buying them, just because they-re fabulous! You’ll cause irreversible damage to your posture and health.

The length and width of our feet can change depending on age and weight gain/loss. Podiatrists recommend you to always try on new shoes before you buy them.Walk a few steps with them, to see whether they truly fit.

3. Rounded vs. pointy

It was demonstrated that rounded toes give your feet a more comfortable feeling then pointy ones. These types of heels are very fashionable lately.

Indeed a rounded toe can provide your feet with enough space. Your toes can move properly without having any injuries. If you tend to prefer pointy ones more, then keep rounded ones as alternatives.

4. Width Matters

We mentioned toes, but the width of a shoe is also very important, if too tight it can make your toes feel uncomfortably squished and painful to walk. Those with wide feet should buy shoes specially designed for them. Companies usually create standard footwear, but you can find some exceptions.

If the pumps you want to buy are too narrow for your feet, you can go to a shoemaker to widen them or just opt for another pair and always make sure that comfort is your no.1 priority.

5. Opt for wedges instead of stilettos

Wedges and platforms are more sturdier than stiletto heels, and give your feet extra support – so keep stilettos for more dressy occasions.