When going to an important event and you don’t want to sit down all the time because your feet hurt – here are some tips to choose formal shoes so you want to look like you are as comfortable as when wearing slippers.

  • High heel shoes look great but they have to fit your foot perfectly so they won’t make you feel like you are wearing bricks instead of shoes.

    If you choose to go with high heels you can choose stilettos or chunky heels depending on the way you dress.

    Make sure the shoes are not tight when you buy them and if they are a little bit wear them inside the house for a couple of days to loosen them.

  • open toe high heelshigh heelsfor formal occasions

    • Open toe sandals are great for summer.

      You can go for sandals that are not too high because you will have more stability if the heel isn’t as high.

      There are a variety of designs you can chose from.

      You can go for sandals with embellishments for a more elegant look if your dress is simple or you can choose a simple pair of sandals for a classic formal shoe.

    • Tips to Choose Formal ShoesFormal Footwear

      • Dyable shoes are white shoes that can be dyed to match the color of your dress.

        There are many styles you can choose from, dye them the color of your dress and you’ll get a nice pair of formal shoes.

      • dyable formal shoesdye shoes to match your dress