Tabitha Simmons brings a whole new range of covetable goodies to lust after for the fall/winter 2012 season. A wonderful melange of trendy and gorgeous versatile pieces unravel before our eyes and picking single favorites is proving increasingly difficult. A balance between statement and day to day wear makes the new pieces extremely versatile as they address more than one need. Still, for each piece, refinement is the key concept endorsed.

From pumps to ankle boots, style elements are the ones that create interest in every piece while prints are only used sparingly for the purpose of making a fairly subtle statement. Animal prints, polka dots or the exotic skin are subtly reflected for those looking for a trendy touch this season. Studs, zippers and buckles are an alternative for those looking for a bit of edginess but still want a touch of elegance. From subtle to pronounced, the style elements are beautifully reflected in a myriad of subtle versions.

Bold tones and texture contrasts are definitely another way of getting interest without being uber distinguishable. Suede, matte or patent leather are beautifully combined for a subtle contrast that will make these items perfectly suited for day to day wear. Whether you’re looking to make an investment or simply want to freshen up your outfits with a gorgeous shoe that will draw all eyes on you, the new collection abounds in options to choose from. Comfort is not necessarily the main intent of the new designs, however, you will definitely find options that will allow a reasonable walking experience.

Finding the ‘it’ shoe of the season is definitely no easy task, however, the picks from the newest collection are certainly good candidates for a variety of reasons. Opting for sophistication and refinement with a bold touch is always a winning strategy, so make sure to keep in mind some of these strategies for your upcoming shoe shopping session. Such efforts will definitely be rewarded with fab options you’ll enjoy wearing every single time.

Photo courtesy pf Tabitha Simmons