The heel deal – Zandra Rhodes collaborates with Strutt Couture for spring 2010 shoe collection

Introduced to the world of fashion by her mother, Zandra Rhodes has become nowadays a big name in fashion industry

She was one of the new wave of British designers who put London on the fashion map- with her organic fabrics, her outstanding vision on fashion and her innovative approach to the construction of garments.

What happens when such a great name begins collaboration with one of the world’s most famous footwear artist? British footwear brand Strutt Couture and Zandra Rhodes have teamed up to create a collection of shoes for spring/summer 2010.

Strutt Couture and Zandra Rhodes for Spring 2010

Both iconic British designers have a deep respect one for another, so the result of their collaboration should be a very surprising and arty one.

Zandra Rhodes for Strutt Couture

“I believe it is shoes which finish an outfit and we are more aware of footwear now than ever before.” This becomes a fashion statement when Zandra Rhodes is the one who tells it, so I’m pretty sure that every one of us is dying to know what the collection all about is.

This collection will include both flat and heeled boots and shoes.