Try an interesting style makeover by taking inspiration from the fabulous alternatives presented by the Steve Madden brand in the debut issue of Steve Madden mag.

While Steve Madden has provided countless lustoworthy shoe styles over the years, the brand has rarely highlighted an entire style perspective. The brand has taken quite a few steps to change things up and put the basis of a webzine as a result. For the debut of the magazine, the label has opted for a cheerful photoshoot which aims to bring back some of the fabulous style cues that have defined past decades. Models Nell Rebowe and Terese Pagh bring a retro kitchy vibe to the fashion scene in the creative pictorial shot by photographer Marley Kate.

Colorful ensembles, a distinguishable sense of relaxation and lots of interesting ideas are the choices the brand endorses for the hottest days of the year. The color blocking trend might be the choice that stands out the most. Then of couse, funky prints and fun accessories are just as fabulous when you're looking for a few visual cues to make you stand out. Casual, refined and youthful are the options that most stand out these days. Speaking of shoes, however, the selection is fairly interesting as well.

Wedges are seen as the ideal option for summer along with platforms and flats. Tribal prints are the preferred print style even though there are also other choices like animal prints. The label encourages us not to shy away from bold tones as they can be fabulous focal points worth exploring. Despite the rather simple options highlighted, the looks are definitely head turning, proving that there are definitely lots of ways to look spectacular without trying too hard this summer.

Flirty, seductive and creative, the accessory choices, from shoes to headpieces can definitely form an important part of many gorgeous looks. A close look at the styles and the perspectives endorsed by the label highlights the good start that the label has had with the new project debut. We cannot help but think of all the fabulous alternatives the label will prepare for us from now on. Take a few simple yet powerful style cues as inspiration and inject a fun touch into your looks this summer season.

Photo courtesy of Steve Madden