Finding affordable shoes to make you feel like a rockstar is often a challenge, yet when a multitude of fashionable options compressed in a single collection unravel in front of you, the whole process seems a lot easier. Bringing style diversity and a multitude of trend variations to the fashion scene, the Steve Madden collection proves a real treat from beginning to end. Boldness, trendiness and classicism blend for the ultimate shoe lover’s indulgence.

Unsurprisingly, platform and wedges make up the bulk of the collection as these styles are the most popular during the spring summer season. Bright tones are hands down the biggest trend for sunny days and sporting a shoe style is a great choice if you like to keep things fairly subtle. Whatever your style comfort zone is, bold toned shoes are a fabulous buy if you’re looking for a fashionable vibe. However, amazing tones are only one of the elements which make the designs so lust-worthy.

Pattern wise, the options are extremely interesting with tribal prints and other similar elements being the main focus. Creative touches give a sense of uniqueness to the designs and the contrast between texture is often the element which makes the shoes truly memorable. Espadrilles and woven elements are a wonderful example being the epitome of summer shoe styles. But, while the biggest chunk of the collection is dedicated to casual styles and to versatile designs which can complement a variety of outfits, elegant shoes are also worth analyzing a little closer.

Monochrome styles are preferred here for obvious reasons and simplicity is preferred as it generally provides maximum versatility. Whether you are in the quest for versatile styles, trendy additions or glamorous ones, the comprehensive Steve Madden spring/summer 2012 shoe collection is a great place to start and fine tune your search. Let the shoes provide that covetable head turning effect with these mesmerizing styles.

Photo courtesy of Steve Madden