We hate to remind you that the countdown till school starts has already begun. However, on the plus side, this also translates into fabulous style finds to get you ready for the new year. If you’re looking for exciting new pieces to help you ace the new challenges in style, the new Steve Madden style finds are certainly worth taking a closer look. Since it’s the perfect time for expressing your personal style and experiement, you can certainly adopt several looks as sources of inspiration.

From rocking the newest fashion trends to selecting comfy yet edgy footwear, the newest back to school themed lookbook is filled with exciting style suggestions that can instantly help you steal the spotlight. Rock chic vibes are always an interesting game changer, especially when paired with other edgy pieces. Studded boots/sneakers can make a strong fashion statement even if the outfit is on the toned down side. Pair it with another eye-catcher like an animal printed jacket and you’ll be noticed wherever you go.

Oxfords, sneakers, chunky heel boots, animal prints, wedge sneakers…the trendy alternatives worth experimenting with are fairly well diversified. However, the military inspired pieces, the multitude of faded distressed denim pieces or the leather jacket with an edge are also fashion elements you might want to consider if you wish to show off your knowledge as far as the latest fashion trends are concerned. Packed full with fun ideas, let this lookbook be your cheatsheet as to what are the hottest styles of the moment.

Ace the new season confidently by selecting alternatives that will highlight your personality but offer that sense of novelty and excitement you all crave. Combine the fun and edgy touches you like with the versatile and season appropriate pieces to be able to get endless fabulous combos with little effort. Dare to go beyond your regular limits while still keeping in mind the dress code in order to get the best of both worlds without looking like you’re trying too hard to steal the spotlight.

Photom courtesy of Steve Madden