Check out the following new shoe trends for the spring summer 2011 season so you can be up-to-date with what's in and what's out when it comes to shoes!

The new trends in shoes are absolutely fabulous; shoe designers have managed to let their imagination run loose and so they have come up with some incredible spring/summer 2011 shoe designs. The new trends are incredibly diverse, meaning you can find a shoe style to suit your personal preference and style.

Shoes are usually designed to suit the new trends in fashion so one can obtain a complete new and trendy look every time. Along time new fashion styles and shoe styles have been developed and they all look fabulous. In 2011 you can enjoy most shoe designs from flats to pumps as all shoes are in.
Some of the top shoes are created using high quality fabrics and are meant to mold themselves to your foot just so you can benefit from the highest amount of comfort the shoe design can offer. This spring summer 2011 the following shoe trends are in:



high heels





boots and booties

Pumps, sandals and high heels are perfect for women who don't mind the extra inches added by the shoes. It is amazing how much sexiness these shoes can offer the body and the shoes created by shoe designers look absolutely amazing. High quality fabrics and vibrant colors boost the fun, flirty and sexy style of high heels/pumps/sandals so inspire yourself from your favorite designer shoes if you are on a budget and look for similar designs if you wish to be trendy. The shoes can feature stiletto, thick or conic heels, a platform or no platform, all designs being perfect for the new season.

The Spring/Summer 2011 flats and mid-heels are perfect for girls and women who want to look chic but still maintain a high amount of comfort. These shoes can be adapted to suit a variety of stylish outfits so adapt the shoe styles to suit your wardrobe. Go simple or bold depending on personal preference but keep in mind that these shoes need to compliment your outfit to look good.

Wedges, boots and booties are maintaining their popularity this spring summer 2011 season as well so if you are looking for a stylish way to upgrade the look of an outfit and draw attention towards the legs, wedges, boots and booties are a perfect choice. You can go bold or subtle depending on personal preference as either way they will look hot!

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