Shoes are seen as a symbol of power to a woman. Moreover, they seem to have a magical part that makes them irresistible. Finding the right pair of shoes can become a real challenge especially when you don’t know what suits best your body type. The perfect shoes should hide flaws and reveal your best qualities, be functional, comfortable, yet feminine and sophisticated. For example, if you want to look taller, a pair of nude shoes will elongate your legs. Therefore, with the appropriate tips and tricks, one can easily find shoes for their body types.

Petite figures need the best ally to make them look taller. Therefore, high-heels are the best choice as long as you don’t over exaggerate. The more petite you are, the more you should limit the height of your heels when you are wearing a dress or skirt, as this only unbalances proportions and you might end up looking very weird. Wedge heels not only elongate the leg, but they make you look taller. Also, high-heeled boots, chosen in the same color as the outfit, can be really flattering.

If you go for a pair of flat shoes, the clothes chosen should lengthen your body shape. Shoes that have the same color with your skin, such as beige or nude, give the illusion of longer legs, and therefore, they make you look taller. Try to stay away from shoes that have ankle straps as they make you look even shorter. Still, they can be worn if they have high-heels. Pointed-toe shoes flatter a petite figure as they elongate the leg. However, choose them if you have small or normal feet.

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If you have thick calves, keep in mind the fact that the shoes you choose should be as an extension of your legs creating the illusion of longer legs and therefore balancing the calves. In this case, the best choices are low boots, sandals with straps at the back and opened in the front. High-heeled shoes can also be a smart choice as long as you stay away from the extremes, such as too thick or too thin heels. Try the medium size ones. Wedge heels can balance thicker calves and ankles, but make sure they are not enclosed. Also, avoid shoes that have ankle straps as they will only make your calves look thicker. Shoes with triangle heels and platform shoes, as well as medium boots will have the same negative effect.

If you have thin calves, choose the total opposite as if you were having thick calves. Therefore, shoes that have ankle straps and higher boots will create the illusion of thicker calves. Pay a lot of attention when choosing high-heeled shoes as they shouldn’t be too tall in order to unbalance the figure and make your calves look even thinner.

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Those of you who are taller can consider yourselves as being very lucky persons as you can pretty much wear any shoe style. From ballet flats and flat sandals to different types of boots, tall figures can try everything when it comes to shoe types. Even if you usually stay away from high-heeled shoes as you consider yourself too tall, you shouldn’t avoid them especially if you have smaller feet.

If you have thick ankles and legs, a pair of platformed shoes and sandals will give harmony and balance your figure. For thick legs, full-length boots are the best choice, while ankle ones are a total no-no.

If you have big feet, it is advisable to stay away from pointed-toe shoes as they only make your feet look even bigger. Choose instead round or square-toed shoes that shorten the feet. As for the colors, avoid too vivid ones as they draw the attention on your feet and go instead for darker shades.

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