My mom used to say that if you have good shoes you’ve half conquered an outfit and I couldn’t agree more. When I really want to dress to impress, I tend to go for the highest of the heels, with the tiniest toe boxes and the ones that give that most excruciating burning feeling on the ball of the foot when worn for more than two hours. It’s quite a relief to take them off and slip on some soft ballet flats when sore feet become distracting.

This is why I always keep a pair of flats in my bag or car when I put on my 4 1/2 inch pumps; I prefer being frowned upon than to wobble on sore feet and let my shoes get in the way of how comfortable I feel and much fun I’m having.

With so many stylish options in the flats department, swapping high heels for more comfortable alternatives has never been easier. 

Juil footwear‘s minimalist designs tap right between classic aesthetics and enhanced comfort. I had the pleasure trying out the Juil Cap Toe ballet flats in black leather with a rounded patent cap toe.

Juil Cap Toe Flats

Crafted with soft, high quality leather, Juil flats come with breathable leather lining and insole which keep condensation at bay, while the scrunched, elasticized edging provides the perfect fit and prevents heel slippage. What’s more, the built-in copper rivets from the toes and heel in the rubber soles create a conduit between the body and the Earth, which is highly beneficial to our health and balance. Grounding cleanses the body from toxins and free radicals using the Earth like a giant magnet. All in all, Juils will not only accent my outfits, but also keep me balanced and connected.

Juil Shoes For Women

Bottom line: while I still won’t kick off 5-inch stilettos, Juil flats will be the perfect cure for my high heel hangovers and my go-to shoes for more relaxed casual outings. I might also pick up more Juil flats for spring in lighter colors and different finishes (the Wing Tip flats are really cute!), and even the Juil slide and thong sandals for lazy summer days. What’s more, Juil also make men’s sandals featuring the same Energy Flow Technology™ as their women’s flats and sandals.

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