With so many spring collections released in a short amount of time, getting accustomed with the latest fashion trends has become increasingly easy. However, with all the options that are presented to us it can be quite challenging not to get confused or lose track of the items you think about purchasing, especially if these choices have a high degree of similarity.

Interestingly enough, this is not an issue with items that take us outside of our comfort zone even a little by presenting designs with a different perspective from the standard approach. The Ruthie Davis brand is well known for adopting the aforementioned strategy so much so that it has quickly become some sort of trademark.

Celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce or Kim Kardashian have quickly fallen in love with the unique and extremely modern shoes, wearing them on several occasions and boosting the brand’s popularity in the process. The spring summer 2011 shoe collection is certainly an instant attention grabber, emphasizing the creative genius of the designer once again.

Ruthie Davis Spring/Summer 2011 Shoes FUTURE and SPIKETTE Ruthie Davis Spring/Summer 2011 Shoes LAVA LAMP and PALM SPRINGS

With a strong preference for clean, geometric designs, the shoes manage to impress with their apparent simplicity which is toned down with distinctive details in order to stand out in style. Killer high heels are the common denominator for the collection, while comfort is a notion of less importance. Platform pumps unquestionably dominate the collection, even though flats are also available.

Even at a very superficial glance, it is very easy to notice that the designer does not shy away form bold, vivid colors. In fact, he’s putting various bold colors together and pushing the limits in terms of color coordinating options for an outfit. While there’s no point in denying the fact that vividly colored shoes are a fashion statement, the designer offers plenty of alternatives for more color conservative clients. Neutral toned shoes might give the impression of classic to a certain point, however, when paired with spikes and/or glitter, the modern touch with a strong futuristic vibe takes over.

Ruthie Davis Spring/Summer 2011 DISCO SUSHI and MODERN Ruthie Davis Spring/Summer 2011 ROBOT and BONDAGE

Confidence, a daring attitude and a desire to impress are without a doubt essential requirements for those who are thinking about adopting a look that includes one of the marvelous creations of Ruthie Davis. With a different perception on refinement and elegance, the shoes from the collection are surprisingly wearable and adaptable, despite their apparent extravagance.

Ruthie Davis Spring Summer 2011 LEXI and ROCKIT Ruthie Davis Spring/Summer 2011 FLATS

Photo courtesy of Ruthie Davis