The new season offers endless options to indulge in style-wise and the desire of finding simple and versatile pieces and standing out often clash. The Rodo spring/summer 2012 shoe collection aims to help solve this problem by bringing modern vibes, a versatile color palette and lots of interesting style elements. From textural contrasts to trendy yet understated style perspectives, the brand focuses on refinement and wearablility above anything else.

A summer vibe blends with luxurious hints for a spectacular effect which translates into classy designs that can be worn on a multitude of occasions. Despite the focus on classicism, the trendy aspect of the collection is still being sensed and can be noticed precisely in the chosen styles. Platform shoes and sandals are preferred by designers due to the good balance between style and comfort and their amazing elegance and apparent simplicity.

Geometric vibes are the epitome of classiness and the intentional proportions, the classy vibes and the perfect symmetry when it comes to arranging the elements manage to mesmerize at a single glance. With both thick and thin heel styles, the desired level of comfort can be easily attained. If a summery vibe is desired, a cork platform can be the perfect choice to keep things interesting.

If you’re looking for something more than a little casual yet polished, the evening shoes with rhinestones or, as of a current mini trend, aquatic motifs might be a much more interesting alternative to try. With a more well defined color palette, these styles spell out refinement and sophistication, enabling you to dazzle and steal the spotlight.

Photo courtesy of Rodo