Rebecca Minkoff is one of the most promising and multi-talented designers of our times. Celebrities repeatedly pay their tribute to her work by sporting her handbags and clothing items both on the red carpet and off. In spite of the backbreaking work of dressing models from top top toe, the rising style guru managed to cover all the fashion domains like a real pro.

The Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2011 shoes collection will be available next year when fans will have the chance to sport all the fabulous designs lined up in a selection of no less than 25 footwear styles all adopting a unique tailoring patterns also called MAP flap by designer being a clear references to her Morning After bag line. Those who were impressed by the revolutionary still completely wearable design techniques used by Rebecca Minkoff should not skip this brief presentation of the upcoming footwear collection.

Rebecca Minkoff claimed several times that she was always mad about shoes. However she had to wait for the perfect moment and in this case three years in order to have the proper inspiration and motivation to envision a full line of footwear. In order to complement your accessory collection with additional dapper shoes make sure you take a closer look at this insight into the versatile parade of wedges, flats as well as other designs that will meet the expectation of all style-conscious ladies for sure. The pastel tones paired with blue, red and silver would turn these fashion pieces into all event-appropriate shoes that complement all outfits.

Rebecca Minkoff states as her chief objective to design shoes that are both wearable and practical still would also radiate a high street allure to make us feel righteously special and faddish. In order to look confident sporting these new season accessories it is a must to choose the height of the heels as well as designs according to our walking skills and personal clothing style.The famous designer will furnish you with shoes that have a sky-high heels if you wish to add some length to your silhouette. These shoes are undoubtedly designed for those who wish to challenge their skills and enhance their look with a hot and femme fatale-like sex-appeal.

Those who would like to go for the comfy principle will find refuge in the selection of flats, boots and wedges that allow you to walk like a real model without any visible difficulties.These footwear designs will serve as the best means to enjoy the warm weather both when preparing for a long walk or an exhausting day at work. Enjoy the pleasant experience these Rebecca Minkoff shoes will offer you. It is also worth knowing that the complete collection will retail for $160 to $395.

Photos courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff