The need for fab, yet comfortable shoes has led to the development of ballerina flats, the shoes which manage to perfectly combine femininity with comfort for a stylish and trendy look that suits various occasions. One of the brands which has dedicated itself to creating super-fab ballerinas is the Pretty Ballerinas brand, a family based company from the Island of Menorca, Spain. Their latest designs featured in the Pretty Ballerinas spring/summer 2011 collection look amazing and bring the necessary diversity in style and color, diversity necessary in the contemporary world of today where different styles collide and bring out new trends that make a statement.

Pretty Ballerinas has still maintained the tradition of footwear making, and still promotes hand-made designs. Check out the fab ballerina shoes collection for the spring/summer 2011 season and select your favorites. Wear them casually or formally depending on the occasion as there is definitely a pair out there to suit your style also.

Ballet flats look amazing and can be adapted to suit outfits whether casual or formal. Contemporary style ballerinas stay out from the ordinary and lean heavily towards unique, stylish shoes that capture attention. Pretty Ballerinas has split their ballerina shoes according to style in the following categories: Rosario, Marilyn, Kristen, Shirley, Slippers, Basic, Quilt, Bridal, Limited Edition and Swarovski.

These designs provide the variety of color and style you need to ensure you find the perfect match for your outfit. Printed ballerinas are uber-popular, so go for snake print designs or colorful dots and stripes to complete your stylish outfit as they look amazing and come in a variety of hues from neutrals to brights.

If you’re all about vintage/retro style, Pretty Ballerinas have got just the right designs for you. From quilted two tone ballerina flats to floral printed and navy stripes, the ballerina shoes look amazing and can give your outfit that perfect balance they need.

If you’re looking for a glamorous Bridal ballerinas, Pretty Ballerinas have created the pair for you. From simple hues to glittery designs, these ballerinas will make you look elegant. Women who love to adopt a more simplistic style can opt for a simple style, one tone ballerina flats to complete their stylish wardrobe, and these simple ballerinas come in different hues from nudes to darks, just so you can find the perfect match.

Obviously, sophistication requires that extra touch of something, and the limited edition and Swarovski embellished ballerina shoes look amazing. They are an absolute magnet as far as attention goes, and can absolutely make the best of your outfit. From Peacock feathers to write-on ballerinas, these stylish shoes instantly bring that touch of style and modernism you love.

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