Preen and Aldo Rise have teamed up yet again for a fabulous capsule collection consisting of six classy and bold shoe styles. If you’ve coveted the shoes spotted on the Preen runway for spring 2013, now’s your chance to get them! Compared to the Aldo shoes for spring/summer 2013, spotted in the latest campaign, the new offerings have a much classier allure that makes them perfect for completing more formal outfits. Classy and luxurious elements dominate the line, making the new options perfect statement makers for the spring summer 2013 season.

The Preen x Aldo RISE shoes are already available at Shop Bazaar and at select Aldo locations. The new Preen x Aldo Rise line for 2013 first and foremost a way of “supporting, promoting and celebrating darling talent within the fashion community.”

Preen label’s mantra is “don’t worry it will be amazing” and the promise is well accomplished in the new line. The new options combine the silhouette enhancing perks that come with sporting high heels with the comfort brought by thicker helps, enabling fashionistas to look and feel good.

Preen x Aldo Rise Shoes 2013 Preen x Aldo Rise Shoes 2013 Preen x Aldo Rise Shoes 2013

The beauties spotted on the Preen runways last September don’t match the new season trends precisely, however, they have plenty of spectacular accents which help create that fab impression. The statement hardware elements, spectacular animal prints combined with the patchwork leather are the recipe for perfection according to the two brands.

Considering their refined allure and their outfit enhancing potential, it’s definitely easy to start envisioning fab alternatives that can be created with these fab accessories as base. Like most designer collaborations nowadays, the Buffalo 66 inspired collection, which “orchestrates Preen’s perpetual play on the masculine and feminine: the seductive innocence of Christina Ricci versus the overt masculinity of Vincent Gallo,” according to designer Thea Bregazzi, comes at a more affordable price range than the typical designer accessories The six Aldo x Preen shoes for spring 2013 are retailing for $155 a pair.

Preen x Aldo Rise Shoes 2013 Preen x Aldo Rise Shoes 2013 Preen x Aldo Rise Shoes 2013 Preen x Aldo Rise Shoes 2013

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Photos: Aldo