The need to find new ways to express individuality as well as the constant desire for originality and unusual designs seem to be the driving force behind Prada’s latest collection. The idea that functionality must meet style to be an accurate refection of a modern woman’s personality tends to be well reflected throughout the entire collection.

If we take a quick glimpse throughout the Prada shoe designs for spring summer 2011 we can immediately see that minimalism and classics both in terms of color and styles have been left aside in favor of more complex, modern and fun designs that at times make us rethink our perspective when it comes to femininity as well as originality.

One of the great novelties of the season as well as one of the main points of attraction throughout the collection are the interesting rubber soled wedges that seem to merge almost naturally with the unusual patterns to create an interesting hybrid. The result on the unusual combination seems to an extremely modern shoe style that has a strong casual vibe. Even though this idea might or might not catch on, this idea is surely challenging us to expand our vision and think of new ways of embracing both comfort and style at the same time.

Prada Spring 2011 Shoes Prada Spring 2011 Shoes Prada Spring 2011 Shoes

Moving past the wedges-sneakers hybrid we can notice another interesting choice for the summer offered by the brilliant designer. Woven shoes, in various vibrant color combinations definitely instill a summer feeling despite the fact that at the present moment the cold weather is barely beginning to settle in. Available in well chosen neural colors or on the contrary in a daring combination of vibrant shades this fun and fashionable type of shoe can match a great variety of different tastes.

Aside from the rather obvious Mary Jane inspiration we can also notice a preferences for thicker, chunkier heels rather than thin, stiletto type heels. In addition, the collection seems to show a strong preference for wearable medium heels instead of killer high heels. This tendency tends to be a plus of the collection as it will surely be appreciated by women with a more practical sense.

Prada Spring 2011 Shoes Prada Spring 2011 Shoes Prada Spring 2011 Shoes Prada Spring 2011 Shoes

If we start analyzing some of the dominant motifs of the collection we will immediately notice a preference for checkered patterns as well as stripes. Considering the fact that in the next season the stripes fashion trend will likely be quite popular, this choice definitely not a random one. As for the checkered patterns they undoubtedly offer a touch of originality to many outfits.

If you are being conquered by Prada’s perspective for the season yet you are not exactly thrilled by wedges or heeled sandals you have other interesting choices as well. A checkered platform shoe with woven details or a hybrid between Oxford shoes and sneakers, in the form of flatforms, an interesting shoe trend for the next season are other exciting options. All in all, the Prada spring 2011 shoe collection is an definitely an interesting one for those who are in a permanent search of style inspiration for the next season.

Prada Spring 2011 Shoes Prada Spring 2011 Shoes

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