Pierre Hardy, the well known French shoe designer has managed to pleasantly surprise with a lovely shoe collection for the spring summer 2011 season as the designs created are not only stylish but diverse as well. Not everyone benefits from the same shoe designs so the more varied the collection the better the chances are to find the perfect pair for you.

Pierre Hardy spring 2011 shoe collection exudes style and uniqueness and this is due to the experience he has accumulated and talent he has been blessed with. Pierre Hardy began his career in 1988 by working for Christian Dior. Since then he has been been collaborating with a variety of strong name in the fashion industry and this has catapulted Pierre Hardy among big names such as Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin.

It seems that Pierre Hardy’s education as he has studied fine art as well as dance, has greatly influenced his designs making them innovative and luxurious. There is nothing else which can top the beauty of a fine pair of shoes and it seems that this is why women go crazy for shoes. Shoes play a very important role when it comes to physical appearance and style as they can absolutely complete and transform the look of an outfit.

Pierre Hardy 2011 Spring Summer Sandals

Pierre Hardy Spring Summer 2011 Shoes

The Pierre Hardy 2011 spring shoe collection is absolutely incredible and features several designs which can most definitely suit different outfit styles and preferences. One style which seems to be quite popular and suitable for most women are platform shoes as platforms are adorable. There are a variety of platform shoe styles to choose from and they can feature a high chunky heel or a gradually narrowing heel, both styles looking divine.

For a more elegant approach Pierre Hardy has opted for medium heel sandals which feature different style straps for better foot support as well as a higher dose of style. These shoes can be worn with different outfit styles from dresses to trousers as they will manage to give you an elegant and comfortable posture.

Pierre Handy 2011 Spring Collection Pierra Hardy Spring Summer 2011 Wedges

Wedges seem to be making a comeback but this is no surprise; wedges not only look great but also offer the foot a higher amount of support making them highly comfortable. Pierre Hardy designed some amazingly stylish wedges which attract a generous amount of attention. From colorful to more classical the wedges look gorgeous and can “spice up” the look of your outfit.

Pierre designed wedge sandals which are high, fun and fabulous and wedges which have a more casual-chis style. All the designs look amazing and can most definitely be the center pieces of your shoe collection!

Pierra Harndy SS 2011 Shoes Pierre Hardy Spring 2011 Flats

Strappy sandals whether featuring a high heel or a flat sole are a must during the hot season and the strappy shoes designed by Pierre Hardy look absolutely divine. The strappy high heel sandals feature a chunky heel so that the stability and comfort is enhanced, making these shoes perfect for casual occasions.

Flats are also amazing and a definite must have in every woman’s shoe collection as these shoes look stylish but also offer you a great amount of comfort which every woman needs, especially when it comes to going shopping or for walking a lot. Pierre Hardy’s shoes are most definitely amazing and we can’t wait to see more of his fabulous designs.

Photos by Courtesy Photo via wwd.com