The spring 2013 shoe collection signed Pierre Hardy invites you to take part in the wonderful world of designer shoes that not only aim to provide comfort through carefully planned patterns and high quality fabrics, but also focus on polishing one’s style to perfection. Pierre Hardy’s designs have gone a long way since the designer launched his first women’s shoe collection in 1999, progressing towards perfection, with his signature style, architectural lines still being visibly displayed in each and every one of his shoes.

Pierre Hardy’s spring 2013 shoes are designed to make women feel amazing regardless if they’re dressed up or dressed down, as variety seems to be essential when it comes to style and the designer managed to transpose his idea of style for the new season in designs that range from stylish flats to sexy heels. To bring his ideas to life, Mr. Hardy chose edgy lines, straight or curved, that have a certain sophistication that feels powerful and sexy at the same time, making the shoes quite difficult to resist.

True fashionistas can easily spot the elements that say Pierre Hardy, but you don’t necessarily have to be a connoisseur to observe the attention to detail that has been dedicated to every design. Apart from the fabulous patterns, the stunning collection displays an interesting color palette featured on various texture fabrics that range from suede to reptilian print leather. The lovely color combos that go from earth-tones to pretty brights help accentuate the designs, making them instant show stoppers. Designed to work perfectly with both monochromatic and multicolored ensembles, Pierre Hardy’s spring 2013 shoes are definitely perfect options to consider when revamping your spring shoe collection, so browse through the complete collection and pick the designs that you feel have the potential to upgrade your style!

Photo by Courtesy Photo via WWD