It is most likely that the experience of media and social life inspired Paris Hilton into deigning a new line of shoes, which, apparently, will be launched this spring.

The time couldn’t be better, so we are all now expecting to learn more about this shoe collection. Called “Paris Hilton Footwear”, the line includes, as Hilton declared in an interview, some of her personal choices regarding material, colors, design and style. With each shoe having a heart-shaped comfort pad sewn in, I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing lots of her shoes when going out dancing!

With prices estimated somewhere at $89, Paris Hilton’s shoe collection includes sandals (gladiator sandals), high heels, pumps and wedges. The line is produced in collaboration with Antebi Footwear and will be available in most stores. In bright colors, metallic leather and animal prints (zebra) this collection is really something! It is fresh, it is cool, and it is fashionable.

Paris concentrated on strong colors, like green, yellow, delicate detailing, like the satin flower applied on one of her creation, but she also played with zebra prints in a pair of pumps, and they look pretty fabulous.

Although we expect a great public success for Paris Hilton’s spring 2010 shoe collection, a small shadow still managed to make its place in this promising picture. It seems that Gwyneth Shoes has accused Paris of stealing her heart-shaped insole which apparently it had previously patented in 2007.