If you thought that with the end of the summer the time of the flats is gone, you were definitely wrong! It seems that celebrities are the greatest fans of these comfy and chic footwear. Therefore they managed to keep the trend alive and popularize it with their looks. From the cute studded and glittery glam pairs to the simple and uber-classy black and white designs all can be spotted on the following pics.

Those who are eager to follow the footsteps of these natural born style icons should take a closer peek at the celebrity Oxford flats fall shoe trends. Feminine designs as well as the more masculine lines and textures can be easily identified in the casual chic apparels of celebs. They besides looking chic show the perfect example on how to swap your killer heels for a universal and at the same time season-appropriate shoe design.Learn how to build up your outfit with mastery and pay attention to every tiny detail to guarantee the success of your appearance.


Oxfords are classy shoes often associated with masculine fashion. However ladies are eager to soften the barriers between the wear of men and ladies and are eager to dress up their favorite flat shoes, shirts as well as tailored pants. These all might sound difficult to pull off, however if you have the necessary creativity as well as fashion skills you might be one of the most successful and worth-admiring trend-setter in your friend circle. One of the crucial questions however is how to choose the perfect Oxford flats? It is indeed a wise idea to choose shoes that are perfect for your foot size. This is especially important in this case as some of the Oxfords tend to be elongated at the toes making your foot even bigger if you’ve chosen a larger design.

Instead if you stick to your dainty side make sure you combine the various shades and look for designs that match your colorful wardrobe. You’ll find these shoes in vibrating shades as well as some of the must have colors of the Fall as camel and white and obviously the classy ebony tone. All you have to do then is to build up your look with additional wardrobe stapled. Skinny jeans in spite of the pointy structure of the shoes would look fabulous. Additional options would be the stylish breezy dresses and even leggings if you wish.

RihannaWhitney PortSienna MillerTaylor Swift

Besides popping up on the runway with regularity these Oxford flats also won the heart of these celebs who were seen wearing these shoes many times. This is in fact the proof for their versatility as well as easy-to-accessorize quality. Divas of Hollywood and the music stage were eager to ditch out their heels at least for a few hours in order to embrace the Oxford flats trend and enjoy the pleasure and comfort it offers. Some of them decided to pair the cute accessories with stylish tights and leggings others decided to stick to the classy cropped or skinny jeans-flats combo.

In all the aforementioned cases the final result was absolutely overwhelming and inspiring. Therefore it is more than advisable to skim through the large parade of celeb looks that fuel you with the necessary drive to try your hand at the Fall shoe trends and more learn how to bring out your foxy side even if you sport flats. Come up with creative and fab ideas on how to pull off unique and authentic looks be it Bohemian or urban girl style.