The latest Office spring/summer 2011 collection includes a wide range of shoes to choose from for the new season. Super high heels are still a very hot trend for spring/summer 2011 and regardless the type of heel, in most cases, they are sustained by platforms in order to add a few inches. However, if walking in high-heels seems more like a burden or torture to you, but still want to look taller, wedges are more comfy, they are extremely flattering and can make your silhouette look leaner. For those of you who love the effortless style, flat sandals or brogues are a great option.

The Office spring/summer 2011 collection contains amazing high-heeled shoes and platform sandals in beautiful colours, with graphic and floral prints. If choosing the right colour is rather difficult, you should opt for a neutral shade, such as black or cream; this allows you to wear your shoes to different occasions and match them to a myriad of outfits. Still, if you want to stand out and turn eyes, you can go for a pair of shoes in a bolder combination of colours or prints.

Wedges represent a more comfy way of looking taller and slimmer without having to wear high heels. They are hot during summer and add a stylish touch to your overall aspect due to their versatility. Wedges can be worn both to a casual, daytime outfit, but also to something more elegant as they can easily be teamed with a skirt or dress. This season, you can go to extremes and try the platform wedges that add extra-height and look “dangerously” hot. The Office spring/summer 2011 shoe collection has incredible models in bright colours and with sexy prints.

It is already known the fact that clogs were a big trend for spring/summer 2010. They were spotted on many fashion shows, such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton, gaining extreme popularity due to their practicality and amazing versatility, which allow you to mix and match at ease. Besides the oh-so-famous and stylish clogs, the spring/summer 2011 Office collection comes with beautiful summer boots and shore boots including wedge heels and sexy corset lace-up fronts with a retro vibe.

After a cold season, we hardly wait to feel more comfortable and try a more relaxed style. It is more than true that high heels look incredibly hot, yet we always have another option that can also look feminine, if properly worn. Flat sandals, for example, represent a smart choice for a chic daytime appearance. The new Office collection brings beautiful flat sandals in bright colours with stunning details and embellishments, which make every pair of sandals unique.

For rainy spring days, what can be more appropriate than a pair of brogues or ballerina flats? Get ready to experiment and draw the attention by choosing something special. Brogues with candy coloured details and floral prints are elegant and sophisticated. Oxford shoes can be that one pair of shoes able to make the difference. Don’t be afraid to dare and always try to look extraordinary by choosing things that reflect your personality!

Photos courtesy of Office London